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Multiple Myeloma Treatment- Medical Health Care Records are KEY!

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“Managing your health care records can be complicated, especially if you’re juggling information from several different medical providers and other sources…”

Yet another example of “If I knew then what I know now...” After more than 25 years of multiple myeloma  treatment- surgery, radiation, drugs, diagnostic testing, scans, 4 different oncologists, two internists, one neurologist and more short, long-term and late stage side effects than I can count, I decided to really study my multiple myeloma treatment- I finally ordered my medical health care records.

Once I figured out what to do, getting my records was straight-forward. There is a records department at University Hospitals of Cleveland. that handles patient requests like mine. I called, left my request on a message machine, got an estimate for what it would cost to get a hardcopy of my file (about $50.00), paid in advance, and a box showed up in my mailbox about two months later. I had a thick file…

But the point is that having a record of my medical health care records would have been useful for the many reasons:

  • each new doctor (7 over seven years) needed an accounting of my medical history where my cancer was concerned-
  • piecing together how and why side effects occurred was difficult- the health care records made the what and why so much clearer-
  • multiple myeloma cancer coaching- figuring out what I wanted to do and why I wanted to do it, took me years to figure it all out. My medical health care record clarified everything-
  • and finally, I was able to confirm my diagnosis. Or I should say my misdiagnosis. It’s all there in black and white.

Reading what your oncologists write down about you and your case day-in and day-out is fascinating…

If you’re a newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patient, say, in the first few months post MM diagnosis, you will have to wait for a year or so before I would recommend getting your health record. If you’ve been living with MM for more than a year, I would recommend that you get a copy of your medical health record. And get another one in another year or two. You’ll be glad that you did.

Have you been diagnosed with multiple myeloma? Scroll down the page, post a question or comment and I will reply to you ASAP.

Hang in there,

David Emerson

  • MM Survivor
  • MM Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

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