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Preventing Radiation Damage to the Pediatric Cancer Brain

Pediatric Cancer Patients are Living Longer Than Every Before. Now Let’s Help Them Live a Higher Quality of Life I began my cancer journey at 34. Technically I am an AYA cancer survivor. While I

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Barrett’s Esophagus- Conventional or Non-Conventional Therapy to Treat?

Barrett’s Esophagus (BE) is not cancer. You can call BE cancer stage 0 or pre-cancer. Treatment can be either conventional or non-conventional According to the first article linked and excerpted

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Tanning and Skin Cancer- How Can I Tell?

Melanoma Versus Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer. What’s the Difference? How Can I Tell if a Mole is a Problem?  Ironically tanning makes you look healthier. As a teen I sat in the sun as often as I could.

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DCIS Treatment- Is Radiation My Only Option?

Ductal Carcinoma In-Situ (DCIS) is not cancer. It is Breast Cancer Stage 0. What are Your Treatment Options? Dear Cancer Coach- I was told I may need radiation treatment for my 0 stage breast cancer. I

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Melanoma with Metastases to Lungs-

I agree that Immunotherapy Can Be Transformative. But Are Yervoy, Keytruda, Nivolumab, “Transformative” in anything but the high cost of cancer therapy? The media too often falls into the trap

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DCIS treatment plan? Diagnose your risks further…

For women who have early breast tumors (DCIS) surgically removed, a new genetic test may help predict the odds of a recurrence, a new study says Receiving a diagnosis of Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS)

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Breast Cancer- shorter radiation treatment just as effective, cheaper, less damage than longer dose-

They did not just publish that the breast cancer cure rates were the same, but they published very in-depth cosmetic assessments Breast Cancer can be complicated. The two guiding principles of PeopleBeatingCancer

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“Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer resected- Is adjuvant Chemo really needed?”

The frequent occurrence of distant metastases (in lung cancer) and local regional failure after surgical resection would indicate that additional treatment is necessary… Diagnosed with Stage 2 non-small

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Ask the Cancer Coach-“Bladder cancer-complete bladder removal…”

I saw my doctor that week and took a urine test to see if anything else may be contributing to the problem…I was shocked to learn that I had bladder cancer Dear Cancer Coach- I’ve been diagnosed

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