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MGUS (pre-myeloma) and Kidney Damage

Because they do not meet conditions for smoldering multiple myeloma or MM, these patients are mistakenly diagnosed as MGUS (or pre-myeloma)  I’m going to have to throw myself on the mercy of the

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Cancer Coaching-Relapsed/Refractory Ovarian Cancer-Antineoplaston Therapy?

“Among the advanced refractory ovarian cancers cases (N=33), an objective response (OR) was found in 42.4% to antineoplaston therapy (ANP).” Hello David; My wife has ovarian cancer. After

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Multiple Myeloma Chemos That Cause Kidney Damage

“In this review, we recognized that there are multiple ways novel anti- multiple myeloma therapies can affect renal function, cause kidney damage” Kidney damage is tricky for the multiple myeloma

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Cancer-Related Fatigue in Multiple Myeloma

“(Cancer-related fatigue) occurs (in MM) due to various reasons, such as patient-related factors, treatment-related factors, inflammatory cytokines, and metabolic and/or endocrine dysregulation.” Cancer-related

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Cancer Coach-Has My Multiple Myeloma Relapsed? What’s Next?

Cancer Coach- The real issue is whether you risk damage from Multiple Myeloma by doing nothing (toxic) or by undergoing toxic chemotherapy… Dear Cancer Coach – I hope you are well and your

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Cancer: Are There Any Ways To Prevent It?

According to Cancer Research, four out of ten cases of cancer are preventable with simple lifestyle changes being made In 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that cancer had become one of

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Managing Cancer “If I Knew Then What I Know Now…”

If you’ve been told that “you have cancer” you should read this book. The sooner you begin to learn about cancer (CA) the sooner you will be able to wrap your brain around your life

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CoQ10/Ubiquinol for Heart Disease But for Prostate Cancer Too?

By September the pain from the prostate cancer bone metastases were  negligible and I had been doing serious biking most of the summer. Hello David.  Here’s my history: Diagnosed in 1992 at age

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Got Cancer? Chemotherapy is toxic- less is more

“Patients treated with chemotherapy for a solid tumor are at much higher risk than was previously thought of developing a highly lethal blood cancer as a result of that treatment.” No matter

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Chronic Disease Causes More Than 20% of Cancers

A common link between chronic disease and cancer could be chronic inflammation. In addition, different chronic diseases or markers may lead to cancer incidence through different mechanisms. Want to know

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