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Can MGUS Spur Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers?

Like myeloma patients, Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance (MGUS) patients have abnormal proteins in the blood as a result of defective plasma cells in the bone marrow… I have had

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Melanoma, Immunotherapy, Side Effects, Serious Collateral Damage

“These side effects can happen and, when they happen, they can be severe and lethal,” Ryan J. Sullivan, MD, Living with incurable cancer since 1994 has taught me that conventional oncology understates

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Melatonin and the Melanoma Cancer Patient-

 “he study of synergistic relationships between melatonin analogues and anticancer drugs is a promising field, and these compounds could significantly strengthen the cytostatic and the cytotoxic effects

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Radon Gas Increases Risk of Malignant Melanoma

“naturally occurring radioactive gas radon within one’s home also increases the risk to develop malignant skin cancer (malignant melanoma)…” I am a cancer survivor who has an increased

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Melanoma and Basel Cell Non-Toxic, Heart-healthy Therapy

Hyperthermia may be a promising treatment for basal cell carcinoma and melanoma, bypassing the antiapoptotic defenses concentrated in the intrinsic and extrinsic apoptosis pathways…” I am

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Diagnosed with Melanoma? Better Get a Second Opinion!

These results show that diagnoses ranging from moderately atypical lesions to early stage invasive melanoma are neither accurate nor reproducible, say the authors. While I am the first person to be cynical

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Lymph node Surgery in Melanoma Does Not Result in Longer Overall Survival

“Patients who receive the standard surgical treatment for melanoma that has spread to one or more key lymph nodes do not live longer… I understand how difficult it can be to make decisions

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Atypical Mole Syndrome and Dysplastic Nevi- Melanoma Risk

“Atypical Mole Syndrome is the most important phenotypic risk factor for developing cutaneous melanoma…” If you have AMS and if your family is affected by AMS then, according to the study

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The Melanoma Paradox-

While the number of skin cancer cases—specifically for melanoma—is anticipated to increase by 14 percent this year, the number of deaths from melanoma is decreasing by 4 percent.1 There is no paradox

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High-Risk for Melanoma? Reduce Your Risks Now-

“with the number of melanoma (MM) cases increasing each year, it is believed that the disease could become one of the most common types of cancer in the United States by 2030″ In the world

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