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Multiple Myeloma an incurable disease, but I have spent the last 25 years in remission using a blend of conventional oncology and evidence-based nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle therapies from peer-reviewed studies that your oncologist probably hasn't told you about.

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Mind-body Therapy- Terminal Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis and the Patient-

As a multiple myeloma survivor I didn’t face my terminal diagnosis of either and here I am 25+ years later. Cancer Management is a combination of treating the MM as well as treating the MM patient/survivor

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Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, N-Acetylcysteine and Your Quality of Life

N-Acetylcysteine was found to have a significant effect only on decreases in percentage of predicted vital capacity and 6 minutes walking test distance for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis  I read the article

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Post-thrombotic Syndrome- Causes,Therapies

“Known collectively as post-thrombotic syndrome or post-phlebitic syndrome, symptoms can be painful and debilitating…” I’ve lived with post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS) since 1999.

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Multiple Sclerosis and your risk of Blood Clots

“Overall, the team concluded that Multiple Sclerosis patients are at increased risk of developing venous thromboembolism, and suggest that “there may be a role for VTE prophylaxis in high risk

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4 Signs It’s Time to Seek Help for Addiction

Beating addiction often requires expert assistance to get through the worst periods until you are comfortable managing alone. Research suggests that an increased use of drug and alcohol addiction can dramatically

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Renal Cell Carcinoma Stage 4- Alpha Lipoic Acid/Low-dose Naltrexone

The patient had stable disease with disappearance of the signs and symptoms of stage IV RCC, a full 9 years following diagnosis Hi David-I have Renal Cell Carcinoma stage 4. I have need studying the ALA

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Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC)- Promising Remedies?

Thereby, the codelivered nanoassemblies of sorafenib and curcumin provided a promising strategy to enhance the combinational therapy of HCC.” Hi David, I’ve read your article, I have heard before about

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Integrative Mesothelioma Therapy-Bromelain & Curcumin

“Our data indicates that curcumin has a double effect on Malignant Mesothelioma cells through induction of pyroptosis while subsequently protecting against inflammation.” Mesothelioma is a

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Mesothelioma and Curcumin

Curcumin inhibited MPM cell growth in a dose- and time-dependent manner while pretreatment of MPM cells with curcumin enhanced cisplatin efficacy. That’s a fancy way of saying that the more curcumin

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Mesothelioma Treatment (s) that beat the odds-

Conventional oncology cannot offer much to the Mesothelioma patient. Studies cite longer overall survival through a multimodal  approach to mesothelioma therapy such as surgery, supplementation, etc. A

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