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Nerve damage aka “Radiation-Induced Lumbosacral Plexopathy” therapies-

Radiation-induced lumbosacral plexopathy can result when radiation, used in the treatment of various neoplasms, is directed toward management of abdominal and pelvic malignancies. Multiple Myeloma caused

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Radiation-induced Plexopathy, Radiculopathy or Myelopathy?

“The clinical picture is one of progressive motor and sensory loss in the legs, usually appearing within a year after radiation, but sometimes delayed up to several years..” Plexopathy, Radiculopathy

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Multiple Myeloma- Clear Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Naturally

A statistically significant association was established between HPV and multiple myeloma (p<0.001). This study supports the hypothesis that HPV can infect lymphoid cells. I am a long-term survivor of

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