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Managing Brain Damage in Head/Neck Cancer

In a pilot study of the association, Razak and colleagues found that nine of 10 survivors of head/neck cancer had deficits in various aspects of neurocognitive function two years after treatment…” When my

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Stage 4 esophageal cancer diagnosis

The important thing is that he has lowered his esophageal cancer tumor burden. By doing this your brother is giving his body the ability to strengthen his immune system… Cancer Coach- My brother

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Chemo For Breast Cancer? You Better Take these Antioxidants

Breast Cancer Patients, Consider My Mantra “If I Knew Then What I Know Now” Integrative Therapy to Enhance Chemo While Reducing Toxicity  For breast cancer patients the more chemo and radiation

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Lymphoma-Herbs and Antioxidant Supplementation as Therapy

“Curcumin is the pigment of turmeric, a well-known chemopreventive agent that has been shown to suppress the proliferation of a wide variety of tumor cells, including lymphoma…” Years

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Alzheimer’s in your future? Maybe Not…

Predict Your Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease- “The algorithm, 75% of the time, correctly predicted who wouldn’t go on to develop memory problems…” I am a long-term cancer survivor

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Onions Kill Breast Cancer Cells

“We found onions are excellent at killing cancer cells…The researchers have also recently determined onions are effective at killing breast cancer cells…” I’m not saying that

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How to Stay Healthy During Chemotherapy

When undergoing chemotherapy, you need to stay as healthy as possible, so that you are comfortable and able to undergo the best treatment possible. What you eat, drink and do makes a huge difference to

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Join me in celebrating 20 yrs of beating cancer & 10 yrs of PeopleBeatingCancer-

2014 marks 20 yrs since my cancer diagnosis and 10 years since founding PeopleBeatingCancer, a website that has helped thousands of survivors and caregivers Join me in supporting PeopleBeatingCancer

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Ed Mitchell’s Story of Esophageal Cancer- Conventional, Non, Mind-Body, etc.

I fired Dr. T. and told him that if someone hangs up a shingle as primary care doctor and doesn’t know the symptoms of esophageal cancer, then he shouldn’t be in the business. In 1994 I was

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Brain Training, Lifestyle Therapies Effectively Combat Dementia

“…with researchers finding that the group who received the computerized training had a 29 percent lower incidence of dementia…” It’s not rocket science. Brain training, frequent

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Cholangiocarcinoma aka Biliary Tract Cancer: To treat or not to treat?

There is debate as to whether adjuvant chemotherapy along with resection is the proper course of treatment for biliary tract cancer.  

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Vitamin D- Obesity-Induced Increase in Endometrial Cancer-

Vitamin D may prevent the development of endometrial cancer, as it inhibited endometrial carcinogenesis in mice:  

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