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Pancreatic Cancer Radiofrequency Technique Successful!

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“At the present time the integration of Radiofrequency Ablation into the management of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma is evolving…”

To be fair, the article linked below talks about an several successful radiofrequency ablations on locally advanced pancreatic cancer. Three cases hardly makes for a new standard-of-care. At the same time however, this experimental procedure can offer hope to patients where there was little previously.

More specifics. The three patients seem to have undergone chemtherapy during the prevous six months. This is typical enough, but this therapy clearly is designed to shrink the localized pancreatic tumor that is then ablated away, so to speak. Chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer can be exhausting. Consider integrative therapies in conjuction with your chemo.

Further, even under the best of circuminstances, the pancreatic cancer patient may have difficulty eating. The PC patient’s nutritional absorption will be difficult. Consider antioxidants as well as dietary work-arounds. There are a host of evidence-based, non-toxic therapies that can help the patient and his/her caregivers manage the pancreatic cancer process.

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Recommended Reading:

Vall d Hebron operates pancreatic cancer with radiofrequency

“The University Hospital Vall d Hebron (Barcelona) performed the first radiofrequency in patients with pancreatic cancer locally advanced in Spain. The Center participates in a multi-country European study, still in Phase 3, experimental…

As the head of the Hepatobiliary and Transplantation Surgery Department explains, Ramón Charco, “80% of patients with pancreatic cancer can not be treated” and so far “treated with chemotherapy in a palliative manner”. Currently, only 20% (one in five) pancreatic tumors is operable. Charco demanded “caution” and wait for the results to be confirmed in the next three years. Right now three patients Vall d Hebron took part in this study (funded by the Banca La Caixa Foundation), and the medical team confirmed that the fatigue during the chemotherapy they had before surgery was severely surgical.

Alternative to chemo

“The novelty of this study is that it offers and an alternative to chemotherapy, intraoperative radiofrequency that burns the tumor cells. This clinical trial can not be offered to all patients, but only to those who are stable after months of chemotherapy, “he said. Elizabeth Pando, from Hepatobiliopancreatic Surgery Service at Vall d Hebron Hospital. Intraoperative radiofrequency has never been used in pancreatic cancer. “And it can not do any radiologist, it can only be done in third-level centers like Vall d Hebron,” said Balsells…

Radiofrequency ablation of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: The past, the present and the future

“At the present time the integration of RFA into the management of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma is evolving. It should be considered as having a complimentary role to current standard therapy in the multimodal management care model. It is likely that indications and patient selection for pancreatic RFA will expand…”


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