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PeopleBeatingCancer- Cleveland Marathon-2013

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The PeopleBeatingCancer Spring fundraiser has morphed from the “Talk-the-talk, Walk-the-walkathon (TTTWTW) to “Team PBC at the Cleveland Marathon.” The Cleveland Marathon, whether running,  jogging or walking the full,  half marathon or 10k turned out to be a spectacular event for Team PBC to rally around.

In 2013 I won the VW Cup for the highest individual fundraising total at the Cleveland Marathon for 2013. I cannot wait until next year’s Cleveland Marathon.

Thank you both individual donors and Corporate Sponsors alike.

Individual donations increased by more than 30%, corporate sponsorships more than doubled and total expenses for “Team PBC at the Cleveland Marathon” shrank to our lowest fundraising percentage EVER! We spent just $1,230 dollars in order to raise $26,098- we spent just 5% on fundraising for this event!!!

“Team PBC at the CM” was a tremendous success!

Associates of PeopleBeatingCancer- $0-$24

David Ewing-

Anthony Kure-

Susie Regal-

Bob Wehn-

Eric Froimson-

Scott Ferraro-

Nora Brown-

Lillian Mushrush-

Lynne Bajec-

Julie Clark-

Friends of PeopleBeatingCancer- $25-$49

Myra White-

Thom Hoffer-

Ron and Ursela Dyer-

Beth Hutcheson-

Joanna Kornafel-

Judy Konya-

Joey Frebes-

Bill Avery-

Pamela Hughes-

H Demsey-

Mindi Kincade-

Mark Dawson-

Becky Finnich-

Barbara Brown-

Barbara Whitner-

Stephanie Skylar-

Eileen Doyle-


Paul Ayers-

Katherine Phillips-

Contributing Friend of PeopleBeatingCancer- $50-$99

Caroline Saliby-

Bob and Allison Smith-

Ellen Nigrosh-

Ellen Gerth-

Mary Parkman Rowe-

Maureen Millard-

Fritz deConingh-

Mark and Marilyn Eisele-

Anne deConingh-

Kathleen McNamara-

Ted Pinnick-

Jon Marcus-

Dave Barnes-

Jennifer Hammer-


Laura and Rob Schmoll-

Connie Waxman-

Lori and Bill Cooper-

Ellen Weitz-

Greg Degulis-

Peter Conard-

Gina Flemming-

Donald van de Mark-

Mona Trika-

Dan and Lisa Waldeck-

Rob and Kara Girvin-

John Kundtz-

John Kusik-

Supporting Friend of PeopleBeatingCancer- $100-$249-

Ellen and Steve Ross-

Harry Singer-

Phil and Ann Singer-

Jennifer and Jordan Goldberg-

Hollace Rhodes-

Abby and Jim LeMay-

Gregory Kilroy-

Sarah and Peter Barber-

Chuch and Lisa Loper-

Jim Hickey-

Larry Wiseman-

Katherine Tatman-

Olivier Izad-

Joan Brinkman Brown-

Heather and Jeff Ettinger-

Kevin Pavlish-

Jonathan Hill-

Dean Ilijiasic-

Mac and Debbie Donley-

Deb Palmer George-

Mary Miller-

Don Fox-

Dave Joranko-

David and Trish Campbell

Ted deConingh-

Matt deConingh-

Jennifer Moore Dyer-

Alex and Howard Powers-

Suzanne and Scott Emerson-

Kris and Scott Gillespie-

Ned Horton-

Kevin Mattox-

Michael Wakeland-

Jamie and Michelle Bevins-

Chip Perkins-

Sarah Mihalik-

Susan Miller-

Skip Murphy-

Gary Whitman-

Ray White-


President’s Circle$250-$499

Ed and Naomi Singer-

Randy Myeroff-

Charlie Lougheed-

Becke Broadbent-

Bea Moore-

William Russell-

Chris Dailey-

Siobhan and Bill Thompson-

Tim Connors-

Stephanie Moore-

Founder’s Circle*-$500-$999

Ben Devine-

Patron’s Circle**-$1000-$2,499


Teresa and Jeff Karlovec-

Bill and Leigh Matthes-

Benefactor’s Circle***- $2,500 and up

Mary and Oliver Emerson-

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