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PeopleBeatingCancer- Cleveland Marathon- 2015

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PeopleBeatingCancer friends and family make fundraising easy. Online fundraising based on the Cleveland Marathon is PBC’s most efficient and effective fundraising event. Thank you.

On Sunday May 17th, 2015, along with more than 20,000 marathon runners and walkers,  I handcycled the Cleveland Marathon.  Though the race began with a brief downpour, once the rain cleared I handcycled a  great race and had a great time.

What is handcycling you ask?!? Click the link below to watch a few seconds of my ride!

(cinematography credit goes to Kate and Keith McCrae)


As always I gained strength from the wonderful support of donors. To be specific, three corporate donors and 65 individual donors.

Thank you all for your generous support!

PeopleBeatingCancer- Individual donation $25-$99

Fritz deConingh

Dan Spears

Mark Corner

Ginna Flemming

John and Manning Kundtz

Amanda Mapes

Ted Mann

Bill and Martha Avery

Lisa and John Scarsella

Sarah and Peter Barber

Deborah Koncan

Ted Pinnick

Kathleen Luz

Kate and Keith McCrae

Mary Parkman Rowe

Fred and Vivian Suppes

Ellen Weitz

John Bryan

T Steele

Nicole Werner

Dan Aerni

Deb George

Thad Meese

Kathy Cadigan

Li Gao

Matt and Lise deConingh

Suzanne Gilman

Margarete Ruf

Kris and Scott Gillespie

PeopleBeatingCancer-Individual donation $100-$499

Peter Frank

Tamra Ellis

Bob and Sal Musser

Neil Weinberger

Patsy and Russ Chesbro

Mark Dawson

Scott Emerson

Stacey Alatis

Bill and Ann Kilroy

Gregory Kilroy

Abby and Jim LeMay

Dave and Pat Campell

Bill Russell

Wei Li

Steve McHale

Dave Diamond

John Saada

Chris and Stephanie Head

Michael Healey

Michael Caraboolad

Sarah and Dom Mihalik

Tom Roulston

Individual donation $500-$999

Kevin Robertson

Ann and Ray

Bill Thompson

Individual donation $1,000 and above

Charlie and Katie Lougheed

Bill and Leigh Matthes

Marc and Victoria Byrnes

Tres and Jeff Karlovec

PeopleBeatingCancer- Corporate Donors- Platinum Level-$1,000

N.T.Ruddock and Co.

Walthall CPAs


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