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20 year cancer survivor celebrates in a remarkable way

May 12, 2014, Cleveland, Ohio– Multiple Myeloma survivor David Emerson of Cleveland, Ohio is celebrating his twentieth anniversary of cancer survivorship in a big way. On Sunday, May 18th, he will be competing in the Rite Aid Marathon. Due to sustained nerve damage from his cancer therapy, David will be hand cycling the 26 mile race. Though he is finding it increasingly difficult to get around, he is dedicated to racing this year in order to raise awareness about his cancer-focused website, PeopleBeatingCancer.org.

Covering the spectrum of issues facing cancer survivors today, PeopleBeatingCancer.org provides a unique approach to cancer management by providing visitors with experience-based evaluations of both traditional and alternative cancer treatments. As a long term cancer survivor who found his cure only after oncologists told him there was nothing more they could do, David is passionate about empowering cancer survivors to take control of their disease and to evaluate a full spectrum of cancer therapies. “Cancer is a difficult disease,” says David. “Patients and caregivers need to reach out to fellow survivors to learn as much as they can, and I’m doing my part to try to make those connections happen.”

Since January 2013, David has developed a cancer coaching program on the website that encourages cancer survivors and their caregivers to ask him questions about their current and potential treatment protocols. As a long term survivor, David is in the unique position to offer insight on issues like treatment side effects, integrative therapies, and the potential for secondary cancers that are not often presented in the traditional patient-oncologist relationship. Since its launch in March of last year, David has helped over 300 people with their cancer questions. The response from cancer survivors so far has been rewarding. Larry, a multiple myeloma survivor, says, “PeopleBeatingCancer.org has become my go-to website for cancer answers.” David hopes to reach twice as many cancer survivors and caregivers in the coming year, and his fundraising efforts at the Cleveland Marathon are integral to this effort.

Cancer survivor, David Emerson, is awarded the Volkswagon Cup at the Cleveland Marathon for being the highest raising individual fundraiser

June 13, 2013. Cleveland, OH— David Emerson, a nineteen-year multiple myeloma survivor with severe nerve damage in his legs, proved that there are many different kinds of winners at events like the Cleveland Marathon.  While he didn’t place in the winning circle for his hand-cycling, he did win the Volkswagon Cup for being the individual to raise the most funds for charity at the event.  David raised over $20,000 for his non-profit cancer website, PeopleBeatingCancer.org, which provides a full-spectrum of cancer information to cancer patients and their caregivers from the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

As a first timer on the marathon fundraising circuit, David competed in the Cleveland Marathon to raise money for his new initiative: cancer coaching.   David has found through his own battle with cancer and remission that many of the decisions that cancer survivors and caregivers need to make require a level of knowledge that is difficult to master with the quickness required to make the best choices.  “Being able to talk to a long-term cancer survivor, whether to ask about a specific protocol or to discuss broader wellness issues, can make all the difference when it comes to finding a treatment that works for you,” says David.

Taking a gamble by foregoing the foundation’s traditional walkathon in favor of hand-cycling at the Cleveland Marathon, David was pleasantly surprised with the award.  “While I was excited to see how the marathon fundraising model would work for our foundation, I am blown away by the overwhelming support of both individuals and corporations for our mission.  This level of support tells me that our cancer coaching initiative is resonating with people.”

Cancer survivors and their caregivers are encouraged to contact David with their cancer questions on the website at http://peoplebeatingcancer.org/contact-us.

Cancer survivor, David Emerson, hand-cycles in the Cleveland Marathon to fundraise for his patient-focused non-profit

May 14, 2013. Cleveland, OH— David Emerson, a nineteen year multiple myeloma survivor with severe nerve damage in his legs, isn’t going to let anything get in his way of participating in this year’s Cleveland Marathon on Sunday May 19, 2013.  He has spent the past two years training on his hand-cycle, and he’s ready to put money on his skills by using the race to raise money for his website, PeopleBeatingCancer.org.

Rather than focus on finding a cure for cancer, PeopleBeatingCancer.org focuses on supporting cancer survivors where they are in their cancer fight.  Whether through providing a database of searchable articles about the latest in treatment protocols, researching integrative therapies, or through conversations about lifestyle choices that support remission, PeopleBeatingCancer.org strives to take on the fight against cancer from a different angle—by empowering those people on the front lines of the battle with information and experience-based opinions that may significantly impact their ability to overcome the disease.

“I hand-cycle and promote PeopleBeatingCancer because cancer survivors and caregivers need to know that you can fight cancer and win.  Even if your oncologist tells you that there is nothing more that can be done for you,” says Emerson.  To be sure, David should know.  His oncologist said those very words to him sixteen years ago.  He went home, did his research, and found a treatment that worked for him.  Nineteen years later, he’s still here and passionately dedicated to helping more cancer patients survive and thrive after their diagnosis.

In striving to be an unbiased source of information, PeopleBeatingCancer does not accept donations from pharmaceutical companies and instead relies on aggregate individual donations to fund its mission.  Please support David at this year’s Cleveland Marathon, and help PeopleBeatingCancer fight cancer in a new way—by supporting cancer survivors and their caregivers right where they’re at, regardless of where they are in their fight.

PeopleBeatingCancer Launches Initiative to De-mystify Cancer

March 25, 2013. Cleveland, OH– In an effort to focus more fully on the needs of cancer survivors and their caregivers, PeopleBeatingCancer is proud to announce that it has launched a cancer coaching initiative.  Foundation director and long-term cancer survivor, David Emerson, was inspired to begin the initiative as questions about individual cancer circumstances ca
me pouring in after the launch of PeopleBeatingCancer’s new website.

“When you have to make decisions about cancer treatment options, there’s too much information and not enough time,” noted Emerson.  “Having the opportunity to hear the opinion of someone who’s already been through the cancer treatment process and experienced the side effects you’re going through is a critical part of making the best decisions.”

And Emerson aims to do just that—offer a different voice in the cancer conversation that focuses on the experience of the cancer survivor.  If anyone Emerson should know;  after being diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 1994, David went through the traditional protocol of radiation and chemotherapy only to be told by the doctors that the cancer had won.  His physicians suggested he return home for his last months of life.  Rejecting this terminal diagnosis, Emerson spent the next few months researching cancer treatments on the internet, and eventually found the controversial protocol that saved his life.

Nineteen years later and still cancer free, Emerson strives to make the information that took him months to find—and ultimately saved his life—readily available to cancer survivors and their caregivers.  In becoming a cancer coach, David hopes to not only help cancer patients on an individual level, but also create a large collection of experience-based information about various cancer treatments and their side effects.  Members of the cancer community can use this information as a guide when making decisions about their individual cancer care.

So far, the response from cancer survivors has been overwhelmingly supportive.  Multiple myeloma survivor, Larry Gates, calls PeopleBeatingCancer his “go-to place on the web” for cancer answers as he works to remain in remission.  David hopes to continue this trend as the cancer coaching initiative takes off.

New Online Cancer Community Acts As Powerful Tool in the Battle against Cancer

December 4, 2012. Cleveland, OH- With the launch of his new website, People Beating Cancer, cancer survivor David Emerson is helping the fight against cancer one post at a time. The new website provides cancer survivors and their caregivers with critical information and a location to discuss living with cancer and various treatments.

As a cancer survivor, PeopleBeatingCancer director David Emerson knows how important it is to be able to find information about cancer treatments sooner than later. He reflects on his experience as it relates to what many people diagnosed with cancer go through. “As soon as you’re diagnosed, the doctor doesn’t want you to leave the hospital without committing to a treatment. You’re lucky if you have 24 hours to go home and think about it.”

David Emerson is a rarity among those who have faced cancer. A multiple myeloma survivor since 1994,  Emerson was told by the doctors that there was nothing more they could do and that he had 6-12 months to live. He cashed in his life insurance and focused all his waking hours, scouring the internet for a viable treatment alternative. Eventually, Emerson found the treatment that ultimately saved his life, but cancer patients and their families often don’t have that kind of time. By launching the new website launching his new online cancer resource Emerson is attempting to close the gap between the amount of information out there over cancer treatments and the amount of time cancer patients and their families have to become informed decision makers.

“You need one place where you can go to find out about your treatment options and learn more about those options from other survivors who have already went through the same treatments,” stated Emerson. There is an apparent lack of cancer survivor research and resources that take into account the personal experience of the diagnosed.  I always think, if I knew then what I know now how might have things been different. When it comes to surviving cancer, knowledge truly is power.”

PeopleBeatingCancer strives to empower cancer survivors by being a one-stop information powerhouse where cancer survivors and their caregivers can find answers, quickly in an open forum. “Sharing information is a critical role in fighting cancer,” Emerson added. “Without the ability to share information easily, cancer survivors end up fighting their own battle, repeating mistakes and wasting valuable time. Collective knowledge will save lives. I ask that anyone who has been touched by cancer take the time to visit the website and share as much as they can about their own personal experience. Together, we are stronger.”

For more information contact Jessica Burnett, Assistant Director, at Galenfound@gmail.com



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