Radiation Induced Lumbar Plexopathy aka R.I.L.P

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Radiation Induced Lumbar Plexopathy

Side effects of lower body radiation.

What is it? Damage to the nerves in the pelvic and lower spine area (plexus) from radiation treatment. It can start from 1-30 years post treatment. If you have ever had pelvic radiation and you are experiencing strange symptoms, this could be your answer.

What are the side effects? They vary from patient to patient but generally include progressive muscle weakness in legs, foot drop, bowel and bladder issues, severe pain, tingling in limbs, numbness and shooting pains (peripheral neuropathy). Patients can experience all or just some of these side effects.

Do a lot of people have this condition? No, it’s very rare and that’s why you don’t hear much about it….

What can I do if I’ve been told I have RILP? There is a lot you can do that may help. Start by contacting the RILP support and action group either by email or through Facebook. See contact details below.

www.facebook.com/groups/RadiationInducedLumbarPlexopathy/ or email Helen at : helenbrd@bigpond.net.au

Is the support group really worth my time? Yes. Because the condition is so rare, the support group is the only place you will find advice, research and practical ways to deal with RILP from those who live with it on a daily basis. Plus, it’s nice to know you are not alone.

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