2013 PeopleBeatingCancer Newsletter Survey Results

PeopleBeatingCancer emailed a survey to our approximately 1,650 e-newsletter recipients. Here is what our newsletter recipients had to say- PeopleBeatingCancer has emailed a monthly newsletter to anyone

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‘Stop Scaring Patients’: How Barrett’s Esophagus Becomes Esophageal Cancer Evolves

Research indicates that 10% of GERD patients develop Barrett’s Esophagus and 1% of BE patients develop Esophageal Cancer-Stop Your BE from becoming EC!  As the article below indicates,  GERD

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Novel Vaccine Dramatically Boosts Survival in Brain Cancer

After undergoing surgical resection and standard treatment for their brain cancer half the patients treated with the experimental vaccine in a small phase 1 study survived more than 5 years The remarkable

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