For Breast Cancer of Less Than 1 Cm, 93% Survival After 8 Years

Tamoxifen, Breast Radiation and Lumpectomy all Reduce Your Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence- But They Also Cause Side Effects and Secondary Cancer I admit it. I am a cancer survivor of an “incurable”

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Skin Cancer Diagnosis “Frequently Challenging…”

“Accurate clinical and histopathological analysis of pigmented skin lesions is difficult even for experts”…Really? Skin Cancer can be difficult to diagnose. As the illustration below

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Melanoma Diagnosis? Use Every Therapy At Your Disposal-

“However, once melanoma spreads, there is still basically no effective treatment at this point.” Therefore early detection is key The solution then is to reduce your risk of skin cancer. Make

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Melanoma Epidemic In Older White Men-

Know the A,B,C,D, E’s of Diagnosing Melanoma. Know the Warning Signs. If You Want a Professional to Check Something Out, go see a Dermatologist with a Dermoscope- At first I was a bit put off by

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