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RILP Minimized by Roam’s Elevate Exoskeleton?

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So far most exoskeletons have conjured images of Iron Man, super soldiers or epic robot battles, but Elevate is for skiers that want a little extra boost or support while carving lines this season.

I am a long-term cancer survivor. One of my side effects is called radiation-induced lumbo-sacral plexopathy (RILP). Simply put, radiation to my lower back caused nerve damage all down my legs. My leg strength is a fraction of what it was before the radiation. I think an exoskeleton will help me…a lot.

I have been following the development of exoskeletons for years now. These devices have fallen into one of three categories thus far- development for

  1. military uses,
  2. developent for physical therapy or
  3. development for industrial use.

The article linked below is the first exoskelaton that is being designed for consumers. Skiers in this case, but consumers in a broader sense.

Currently I can walk for about a mile or so with the help of hiking sticks. If you saw me walking on the street you might think I have MS . My point is that I can walk a little but I would love to do more.  I fantasize about an exoskeleton helping me hike someday. I’m not talking about climbing Mt. Everest or anything, I’m talking about doing some of the hikes on Mt. Dessert Island- 400-600 ft., 3-4 hour type hikes tops. Dawn (my wife) and I used to hike all over MDI when we were first married.

I don’t know if Roam’s Elevate would help me. My quads (top of my thigh) work well enough but my hamstrings are no help at all. I don’t know if the skiing motion of the Roam will help me walk better.

I only know that exoskeletons are being designed for sport aka fun! For that Roam, I thank you.

David Emerson

  • Cancer Survivor
  • Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

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Robotic Exoskeleton For Skiers Hits The Slopes For Some Bionic Shredding This Season

“For the first time, ambitious skiers will have the opportunity to get a bionic boost this winter at at least two major U.S. ski towns…

So far most exoskeletons have conjured images of Iron Man, super soldiersor epic robot battles, but Elevate is for skiers that want a little extra boost or support while carving lines this season.  It boosts the strength of the quadricep muscles to provide more control, stronger turns and reduce fatigue and pressure on joints.

“We are helping people push their personal boundaries while skiing or snowboarding,…” “This is true for people that have knee issues or muscle fatigue, or for anyone that simply wants to improve endurance and augment the experience. ”

Elevate is made up of a pair of braces strapped to the thighs, each weighing 2.5 pounds but connected to the ski boots to transfer the weight to the skis. The battery and controls for the system are carried in a backpack.

Roam’s design doesn’t use heavy metal that we tend to associate with robotics but rather heavy-duty fabric actuators shaped to support the movements involved in skiing and act similarly to smart shock absorbers. The company says it only provides support when needed and is passive and unobtrusive when it isn’t active…

Pricing will be around $100 to $110 per daily rental and the spokesperson told me that the battery pack should last all day. The rental service is expected to expand to more resorts next winter, with no plans for retail sales as of yet…”




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David Kaufman, MD says 5 years ago

I have post polio syndrome of the right with severe weakness. I am interested in being evaluated for an exoskeleton prosthesis. Please send me available literature. I have a prescription from my physiatrist. Thank you. David Kaufman. New York , NY

    David Emerson says 5 years ago

    Hi David-

    I wrote that post with the hope that someone at Roam would create an exoskeleton for me/us so that we could walk or even hike a bit. I will let you know if Roam contact me…


    David Emerson

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