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Pre-Cancer- OverDiagnoses, OverTreatment?

Even the word pre-cancer can be terrifying. I read the fear in newly diagnosed patients writing in online groups daily. Let’s face it. The word cancer strikes fear into all who are diagnosed with

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DCIS and Overtreatment Therapies- Reduce Risk or Not?

There is considerable disagreement about the treatment of DCIS.  Some believe that nearly everyone with DCIS, regardless of its characteristics, should be treated with either mastectomy or lumpectomy

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Thyroid Cancer- Delay Treatment to Reduce Overtreatment

“These findings suggest that a substantial and growing part of the detected thyroid cancers are overdiagnosed and overtreated.” The argument for overdiagnosis and overtreatment of thyroid cancer

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DCIS: Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment?

The issue of DCIS and how it should be treated is extremely complex. In a Ralph Moss article titled “The Mammography Debate, Part I” DCIS is a topic of discussion.  Questions that arise

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Prostate Cancer? Avoid Overtreatment- Take These Steps Before Choosing Surgery or Radiation

…as many as 60% of men who have initial treatment for low-risk prostate cancer might not have required any therapy in their lifetimes. Most of these men will have at least one long-term adverse effect

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Cancer OverDiagnosis- Real or Not?

Does cancer overdiagnosis actually occur? According to the ACS, cancer incidence rates were down during the pandemic. Meaning, fewer people were diagnosed with cancer in 2020 during the pandemic, than

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Prostate Cancer- Low risk- Non-Toxic Therapies

Prostate cancer has three defining realities, in my experience. First, every man develops some prostate cancer if they live long enough. Second, conventional treatment, too often, results in difficult

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Thyroid Cancer- Second Primary Cancers

“Mukherjee and colleagues sought to determine whether oncologists and hematologists were overtreating with RAI in cases of WDTC, and thus putting their patients at risk for Second Primary Cancers.

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Prevent Oral Mucositis in Nasopharyngeal Cancer

“For the first time, this study indicated that the probiotic combination had significantly enhanced the immunity of patients, reduced oral mucositis… Oral mucositis (OM) is what I call a “Rodney

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Elderly Myeloma -To Treat or To ASCT?

Elderly multiple myeloma patients do not tolerate chemotherapy-related adverse events as well as younger patients, and they are rarely candidates for high-dose therapy (HDT). In December of 1995, upon

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Radiation for Bone Mets-

“Radiotherapy for painful bone metastases is a standard of care, but a new study that looked at earlier use of the modality had an unexpected result.” To say that local radiation therapy for

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CoQ10 for Heart Disease- Prostate Cancer?

By September the pain from the prostate cancer bone metastases were  negligible and I had been doing serious biking most of the summer. Hello David.  Here’s my history: Diagnosed in 1992 at age

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