Cancer Coaching to Beat Multiple Myeloma

Dear MGUS/SMM, Newly diagnosed MMer,  Survivor or Caregiver,

I have been living with multiple myeloma since my diagnosis in 1994. I have lived through aggressive chemotherapy, remissions, relapses and a terminal diagnosis. I have been MM free since 1999.

If you would like to learn about evidence-based therapies including:

  1.  Conventional (FDA approved) chemotherapies approved for multiple myeloma including common side effects and how to reduce or prevent them-
  2. Anti- Myeloma supplementation including those specific supplements that help keep me MM-free with brands and daily doses-
  3.  Those supplements that are integrative with FDA approved chemotherapy. These nutritional supplements may enhance chemotherapy while reducing its toxicity-
  4.  Anti-myeloma anti-angiogenic nutrition- I am referring to those foods that we can incorporate into our diets that are anti-angiogenic aka cancer killing-
  5. Bone health supplementation– both conventional (bisphosphonate therapy) as well as non-conventional bone strengthening therapies-
  6.  Lifestyle therapies that are shown to kill cancer-
  7. Evidence-based mind-body therapies- 

My cancer coaching is personalized for you and is offered via email, phone, and/or video. Contacting me for cancer coaching requires that you read and understand the medical disclaimer.

I look forward to working with you. Please feel free to contact me through the form below.

Thank you.

David Emerson

Multiple Myeloma Survivor

Director, Galen Foundation



Please find our medical disclaimer here: Medical Disclaimer.

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