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Simple Tools to Help You Pass a Cannabis Drug Test

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You’ve just learned that you will be facing a cannabis test in your office and well, you’ve been indulging so you are pretty scared.

You love your job dearly and you only take it to improve your performance at work. If only your employers knew the benefits that you gain from it, maybe they would rethink their stance.


Well, while you may have your point as shown in this article here, your immediate concern is likely how to pass the test and not necessarily how to get your boss to cancel the test. If this describes you or something close to what you are facing now, you are in the right place. In this article, we will show you how to get out of the tough position you have found yourself i

First, let’s begin by looking at what you are likely going to be facing in a drug test.

What You May be Facing

There are different possible tests you are likely to face. Depending on how strict your employer’s no-drug policy is, you may even face a combination of tests. We will look at the most common ones.

Saliva Testing

This is easily one of the most common types of test methods employed. It is totally non-invasive, is very cheap and can be performed anywhere, meaning you do not need to go to a lab. Your sample can be taken right there in the office and tested.

A swab will be run through your mouth to collect your saliva samples and that will be all. This method is usually preferred for checking on current use. This is because it can only show usage for about 1 to 3 days after use. This period can stretch to over 3 weeks for very heavy users.

Sweat Testing

This is another non-invasive method which is however not commonly used. This is because despite the fact that this test can be very effective, it is expensive and takes too long. A patch may need to be worn for up to two weeks. No employer has that kind of time.

Urine Testing

This is another very common method. This is as common as saliva testing. It is also non-invasive and can be carried out with ease. All you need to submit is your urine sample. For the occasional user, the drug residue can remain detectible in the body for about three days. This number increases as the frequency and volume of usage increases. A chronic user can continue to show a positive result for up to 30 days after last use.

Hair Follicle Testing

This method is also non-invasive but is only required when long term usage needs to be determined. This is because it can show usage from as far back as 90 days. This is the longest that any test can show. It is therefore not often used for current employees. A prospective employer may however want to combine this test with any of saliva or urine tests when vetting a new employee as the combination of the two tests will show both current and past usage history.

Blood Testing

This is the most invasive and the most accurate of all drug testing methods. It’s very difficult to beat this method. The only reason why it is not widely used by employers and many other places where these tests are required is that it has a very short window during which the drugs can be detected. With an occasional user, the compounds will have been totally broken down in the blood in a few hours, rendering them undetectable. This can however stretch to up to 25 days for the chronic user.

You can learn a few more things about these methods here: https://www.verywellfamily.com/drug-testing-methods-2606200.

Solutions to Consider


Now that we’ve laid out what you are likely to face in a drug test, let’s now look at a few suggestions of how you can beat these tests and come out in flying colors. We will look at three of the methods most commonly used. These are saliva, urine and hair follicle.




When faced with a sudden saliva drug test, you cannot begin to opt for a long detoxification process. What you need is an instant solution. Thankfully, you have two options. One is a detox chewing gum and the other is a detox mouthwash. These two work in the same way. They practically neutralize the toxins or drug residue making them undetectable in any testing. You must however follow the instructions carefully as you will need to chew the gum or use the mouthwash shortly before testing. It is usually active for about 10 minutes after use. Again, check the instructions carefully.


For urine testing, it’s very difficult to mask the presence of the drug residue. Your best option for a sudden test is therefore the use of synthetic urine. In this case, you will not be using your own urine but a synthetic solution designed to resemble the human urine. Since you won’t be submitting your own urine, there’s no way the result can return positive. You however must be sure you get top quality synthetic urine so the tester will not find out that it is not natural human urine.

Hair Follicle

Like we noted above, this method is employed when the tester wants to check for usage that dates back up to 90 days. You are likely going to find many different recommendations including using vinegar and an assortment of washing solutions. However, probably the best way to pass a hair follicle drug test using hair detoxification shampoo called aloe rid. There are other such shampoos but this is proven to be very effective.

It works much like the mouthwash. What it does is mask the toxins in the hair just before it is cut for testing. Once cut while the shampoo is still active, no amount of testing will be positive for the substance you have taken.


We do sincerely hope we have managed to allay your fears. You can easily ace your drug screening by simply following the instructions given above. First ensure you know the type of testing method you will be facing, then prepare for it. You may also want to get a home test kit to first try out the product you choose to be sure it truly works before heading off for the test.

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