Congratulations! You have made it through your diagnosis and initial or induction therapies. You are getting used to the new normal.  Many people are curious about how to stay in remission and what types of long-term or late stage side effects to expect. It is normal to be curious about your future.

As a cancer survivor, this “new normal” may seem strange. Here are some areas that I focus on that have kept me cancer free since 1999:

  • nutrition
  • manage and heal collateral damage
  • anti-cancer, anti-oxidant supplementation
  • mind-body therapies

PeopleBeatingCancer is all about people like you who are looking for ways to live their lives to the fullest while battling this disease. We have many resources available including:

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  • Information by diagnosis: We share resources by diagnosis.
  • Newsletters: Our free monthly newsletter expands upon critical cancer issues.
  • Healthy Living Products: I write about products that I use to manage my cancer and side effects- products and books that you can use too.
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