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Brain Cancer- Glioma- The BRI

We report a 44-year-old female with a recurrent, multicentric, malignant glioma who experienced a durable remission lasting more than four years… The study linked below documents a case of “44-year-old

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Glioblastoma Multiforme Diagnosis- Conventional, Non-Convention Therapies

Diagnosis of GBM, Resection, Radiation, Novocure Device, Steroids, Keppra, Temodar, What Else Can We Do? Hi David- I hope that you are doing well.  I read some of your information  and the way that

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Whole Brain Radiation Causes Collateral Damage aka Side Effects

Do you know anyone who has received whole brain radiation? I do. Whole brain radiation causes ugly collateral damage aka side effects- Whole brain radiation was “first used in 1954.” That means

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Vaccines and “Out of the Box” Therapies for Brain Cancer

“An experimental immune-based therapy more than doubled median survival of patients diagnosed with the most aggressive malignant brain cancer Brain cancer (BC) can be difficult to treat if the patient

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Glioblastoma- Novel Vaccine Dramatically Boosts Survival

After undergoing surgical resection and standard treatment for their brain cancer (GBM) half the patients treated with the experimental vaccine in a small phase 1 study survived more than 5 years The

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Brain cancer, BRI ANP

The studies linked excerpted below focus on ANP and brain cancer. The results of these studies indicate that ANP is efficacious in the treatment of both adult and pediatric brain cancer. Dr. Stanislaw

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Brain Cancer- Evidence-Based, Non-toxic, Non-Conventional Therapies

Evidence-based Non-Conventional Brain Cancer Therapy- Curcumin, Bromalain, Cat’s Claw, Infrasound and a little Conventional Chemo Thrown in for good luck… Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is

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Glioblastoma Multiform (GBM) IV- Integrative Therapies?

“These data indicated that blockage of AKT/mTOR signaling appeared to contribute to the elevated apoptosis of glioblastoma caused by the combination treatment with Curcumin and Temozolomide” Dear

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Aronia, Curcumin One-Two Punch Against Brain Cancer

When used together, both Aronia and turmeric appear to elicit a one-two punch defense against brain cancer. When diagnosed with brain cancer, the sad fact of the matter is that conventional (FDA approved)

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Radiation and the Brain for pediatric cancer- late stage side effects

If your child undergoes aggressive therapies for pediatric cancer including chemo or radiation, he/she may experience a lifetime of late stage side effects. The good news is that there are therapies to

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Pediatric Brain Cancer- ANP, Burzynski

There were no chronic toxicities, and the quality of life for pediatric brain cancer patients was very good. The best results were obtained in the DIPG and AA groups. I think that cancer in children is

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