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Heart Failure? Brain Training, Exercise, Supplements, Diet

The cognitive impact is often serious, with an estimated 25 to 50 percent of stable chronic heart failure patients experiencing pre-dementia conditions of mild to moderate cognitive impairment. The study

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A Cancer Must Read -Life Over Cancer: Integrative Cancer Treatment

I read “Life Over Cancer” while I was authoring my first online community “Beating-Myeloma.org.” I launched PeopleBeatingCancer soon after. A cancer diagnosis changes your

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Fatal Adverse Events AKA Death from Immunotherapy Drugs

Given the increasing use of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICIs), a concomitant rise in adverse events is inevitable…We found the staggering difference of incidence of fatal adverse events (FAEs). Fatal

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Conventional vs. Non-Conventional Cancer Therapies

My experience has taught me that cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers must learn about both conventional and non-conventional cancer therapies… Cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers really

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Curcumin versus Turmeric as MM Therapy?

her Curcumin (Cu), which has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, is the most active constituent of turmeric, making up between two to six percent of this spice.” Dear Cancer Coach: Is

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Pycnogenol Supplementation As Meniere’s and Tinnitus Therapy

Pycnogenol (Pyc) is effective in a short period of time in relieving tinnitus symptoms by improving cochlear blood flow If I knew then what I know now. If I had a nickel for every time I said that since

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Antioxidants – Chemotherapy, Radiation – Multiple Myeloma?

A blanket rejection of the concurrent use of antioxidants with chemotherapy is not justified by the preponderance of evidence at this time and serves neither the scientific community nor cancer patients Hi

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Three Home Improvements That Can Help If You or Someone in Your Family Is Recovering from Cancer Surgery

Here are three good home improvements to make, that are also nice, convenient things to have once you are able to move around normally again. When you are recovering from surgery as a cancer patient, you

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Incurable HPV-Related Cancer- Oropharyngeal, Cervical, Anal-

The analysis included 24 patients (median age, 60 years; men, n = 20) with incurable HPV-16-related cancers (oropharyngeal, n = 22; cervical, n = 1; anal, n = 1). The good news is that the therapies Nivolomab

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Human PapillomaVirus? Cancerous? AHCC?

“Human papillomavirus (HPV) causes most papillomas…For papillomas of the skin, where HPV is known to be the cause, skin damage can promote the development of a papilloma.” Hi David- I

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Late Effect- Cardiomyopathy from Chemotherapy

“researchers compared four chemotherapy drugs with development of cardiomyopathy (abnormal heart muscle with impaired function) years after treatment…” According to the study linked and

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Coffee Reduces Cancer Risk, Improves Brain Health, and Smells Great!

“The best part of waking up…is COFFEE reducing your risk of neurodegeneration and depression, and cancer, and cardiovascular disease… Coffee (COF) is good for you!?  Ironically,  Death

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