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Tag Archives for " Cervical cancer "

Anti-angiogenesis Extends Cervical Cancer Survival

“This study was done to identify a therapeutic option (for cervical cancer) that was tolerable and would lead to improved survival and, in some cases, cures.” The article linked and excerpted established

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HPV Risk Factor in Cervical Cancer

“Human papillomavirus 16 accounts for about half of all cervical cancer, but researchers have found that not all infections are equal” I guess I have always considered each “risk factor”

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Cervical Cancer- Radiotherapy and Chemo-

Integrative therapies with cisplatin- supplements to both enhance the efficacy of cisplatin while reducing toxicity in cervical cancer (CC) Hi David- My fiancée is 38 years old has recently been diagnosed

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Primary Cervical Cancer-Secondary Cancer

“…a small subset of women who developed Primary Cervical Cancers (PCC) will develop second malignancies after their initial diagnosis. Little is known about these women.” The study linked

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AHCC Cured My Human PapillomaVirus – Cervical Cancer?

The primary objective of this research was to evaluate AHCC supplementation to modulation of the host immune system to clear HR-HPV infections Dear Cancer Coach- After reading your blog post about the

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Ultrasound-Curcumin kills cervical cancer

The results showed enhanced necrosis in cervical cancer cell lines after combined treatment and confirmed the ultrasound capacity to increase effectiveness of curcumin. The study linked and excerpted

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Cervical Cancer Complementary/Integrative Therapies-

Cervical Cancer Patients Must Think Outside the Box to Reach Long-Term Remission while Minimizing Collateral Damage aka Side Effects A cancer diagnosis is one of the most difficult life experiences you

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