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Anita Mitchell- Stage IV Colon Cancer-

Mitchell had just turned 41 when she was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer in February 2005. The cancer in her colon had already metastasized —  Anita Mitchell is a busy mother to three children.

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“Colon Cancer- Liver surgery is massive…”

“My oncologist is now recommenting resection of my liver. My oncologist wants to remove the right side of my liver and remove the 2 spots on the left.” HI David- I am 68 years old and was diagnosed

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Kill Colon Cancer Stem Cells, Prevent Colon Cancer Relapse?

Colon Cancer (CC) Relapse is Driven by Cancer Stem Cells (CSC)- Grape Seed Extract and Resveratrol Kill CC Stem Cells As is often the case, the devil is in the details. The study linked and excerpted below

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Colon Cancer stage 3B

“Here, we summarize the potential cardiovascular toxicities for a range of cancer chemotherapeutic and chemopreventive agents and emphasize…” Hi David-I had emergency surgery on January

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Colon Cancer MSI High

From: Ning Subject: Colon cancer treatment Hi David- My sister, who lives in China, has colon cancer and has been treated with FolFox after surgery. She was also tested MSI High. I have heard that patients

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Older Colon Cancer Stage 3 Patients – Less Is More

Older (colon cancer) patients in the community receive less toxic and shorter chemotherapy regimens, and those treated had fewer adverse events than younger patients. Surgical removal of stage 3 colon

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Curcumin Suppresses Colon Cancer, Enhances Chemotherapy

According to the studies below, curcumin suppresses colon cancer, enhances the effects of  5-FU and oxaliplatin and can even protect against 5-Fu toxicity Conventional oncology can do many amazing things

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