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SMM, MGUS, Fibromyalgia, Nerve Pain?

I was diagnosed with MGUS in 2012 for the last 2 years I have been experiencing bouts of neuropathic nerve pain. Hi David, I would like to know is this the way of things regarding pain, I was diagnosed

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Best Imaging Methods – SBP, MGUS, SMM

“Our study confirms that WB MRI detects skeletal disease in a higher number of treatment-naïve (Multiple Myeloma) patients than PET/CT..” What are the best imaging methods for both myeloma

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MGUS, SMM, Myeloma-Antioxidants in Food vs. Supplements

“researchers have linked antioxidant supplements — including omega-3 fats, curcumin, selenium, resveratrol, and vitamin C — with various beneficial health outcomes.” Let me go on record

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Inflammation, Anti-aging, Chronic Disease- MGUS, SMM Prevention

Chronic systemic inflammation becomes increasingly associated with risk of death, loss of cognitive function and increasing dependency Could the progression of pre-MM (SBP, MGUS, SMM) be slowed or even

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Is “Plasma Cell Dyscrasia” a Diagnosis of MGUS, SMM or MM?

“Plasma cell dyscrasias (MGUS, SMM, MM) are a heterogeneous group of disorders caused by the monoclonal proliferation of lymphoplasmacytic cells in the bone marrow. Multiple myeloma is the most

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Coffee- Manage Pre-Myeloma, SBP, MGUS, SMM

 The studies below document coffee’s heart and brain health promoting, anti-stroke, anti-diabetic, and all around ability to reduce risk of death. I’m a long-term multiple myeloma survivor

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Pre-Myeloma- Pesticides, Virus’, Environment?

“Among study participants older than 50 years, 38 were found to have MGUS, (pre-myeloma) yielding a prevalence of 6.8% What caused my pre-myeloma (MGUS, SMM, MM) is the first question many of us

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MGUS & AutoImmune Disease

A history of autoimmune disease was associated with a reduced risk of progression from MGUS to MM… yet prior autoimmune disease increases the risk of a diagnosis of multiple myeloma… Talk

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Smoldering Myeloma- When to Treat?

“The optimal endpoint for studies evaluating progression from SMM to active MM is OS or a substantial improvement in the quality of life.” For as long as I can remember, conventional oncology

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MGUS Therapy- Sauna

“As hyperthermia is nonmyelosuppressive (MGUS) and can potentiate the tumoricidal effects of radiation, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy, its use as part of a multimodality treatment approach is attractive.” Hi

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MGUS to Myeloma- Obesity, Inflammation?

“…based on 29 cases that progressed to MM or other LP diseases later in life, our study found midlife obesity to be a risk factor for progression among individuals diagnosed with MGUS.” Hi

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High FLC Ratio, No M-spike, No Crab- MGUS? Risk of MM?

treatment of MGUS/SMM patients with curcumin resulted in an improvement in markers of disease progression (i.e., free light-chain ratio (rFLC), paraprotein levels, percentage plasma cells) in some patients

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