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Managing My Non-Cancer Pain

Managing non-cancer pain is a day-to-day endeavor.  Its treatment exerts a heavy toll on the body, leaving permanent reminders of their presence. The toll can be both physical and psychological… “Non-cancer

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Chronic Pain among Cancer Survivors

Living in chronic pain is a fate worse than death in my experience. I say this because as a long-term cancer survivor, I suffer from chronic pain off and on depending on the source, the type, etc. In my

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Chemotherapy-Induced Pain-I.D. Manage

Multiple Myeloma chemotherapy, causes short, long-term and late stage side effects. Chemotherapy-induced pain is central to the discussion of side effects if the patient wants to manage or even heal the

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Managing Myeloma Nerve Pain-

“Nerve pain affects many people worldwide, and many now turn to cannabis for neuropathic pain relief. Here is a brief outline of neuropathic pain and a list of the best cannabis strains for nerve

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High-dose Cytoxan- Chemobrain, Painful Bladder-

“Acute haemorrhagic cystitis occurs in 30 per cent of patients receiving high dose cyclophosphmide . The case highlights that late and severe haemorrhagic cystitis can develop even when cyclophasphamide

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