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Tag Archives for " Prostate Cancer "

Cryoablation Outperforms Radical Prostatectomy

“for PCa (cryoablation) using individualized cryoneedle delivery based on biopsy-proven cancer mapping achieved acceptable oncologic and functional outcomes with low rates of incontinence and complications.” You’ve

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Grape Seed Extract- Prostate Cancer

“Recently, we identified procyanidin B2 3,3″-di-O-gallate (B2G2) as most active constituent of grape seed extract (GSE) for efficacy against prostate cancer (PCa).” They say that all men

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Breakthrough Therapy Cuts Prostate Cancer Mortality by 50%!

“Our study findings suggest that the number of men who die once diagnosed (prostate cancer) is lowered by more than 50 percent among men eating lots of fish…” You may get prostate cancer

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Vitamin E Inhibits Prostate Cancer

Emerging evidence supports that prostate cancer originates from a rare subpopulation of cells, namely prostate cancer stem cells (CSCs). Conventional therapies for prostate cancer are believed to mainly

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Prostate Cancer: Curcumin Curbs Prostate Cancer Mets

“A new study led by a research team at LM University in Munich now shows that it (curcumin)  can also inhibit formation of metastases in prostate cancer…” Prostate Cancer (PCa) is similar

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Heal Prostate Cancer Radiation Damage-

Radiation damage from prostate cancer therapy to small bowel tissue can cause acute or chronic radiation enteritis producing symptoms such as pain, bloating, nausea, faecal urgency, diarrhoea and rectal

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Earl Kielley – Reverse pre-cancerous prostate cancer

“The condition is called high grade PIN. I was told approximately 70 % of patients with this condition go on to full blown prostate cancer in the first year” Fast forward. On approximately

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ADT for Prostate Cancer and Risk of Dementia and Depression

“A growing body of evidence supports a link between androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) for prostate cancer and cognitive dysfunction…” My uncle began ADT for his prostate cancer in the

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CoQ10 for Heart Disease- Prostate Cancer?

By September the pain from the prostate cancer bone metastases were  negligible and I had been doing serious biking most of the summer. Hello David.  Here’s my history: Diagnosed in 1992 at age

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Red Wine and Green Tea Halt Prostate Cancer

This new discovery explains how antioxidants in red wine and green tea produce a combined effect to disrupt an important cell signaling pathway necessary for prostate cancer growth… Let’s say

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Low-Risk Prostate Cancer-Active Surveillance

“Active Surveillance” is based upon the prolonged natural history of low-risk prostate cancer and is an attempt to balance the risks and side effects of over-treatment against the possibility

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Prostate Cancer- Diffused, No Mets, All cores involved- Recommendations?

Dear Cancer Coach- Have been diagnosed with a prostate full of cancer fully diffused.  Seems to be an aggressive strain. I have tried Paw-Paw and am now trying Prosticaid and PectaSol-C.  Urologist

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