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Prostate Cancer Therapy-Modified Citrus Pectin

This week brought a major advance in understanding the effects of modified citrus pectin (MCP) on cancer cells. Scientists at Columbia University published a paper showing that MCP stops the growth of

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Is Gleason Score 6, GS6, Prostate Cancer?

“Prostate Cancer incidence doubled,5 with low-grade cancers such as GS6 (ie, Grade Group 1) accounting for up to 70% of new diagnoses.2,3“ You’ve been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer (PCa).

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Rectal Ultrasound for Prostate Cancer

“Every year nearly 200,000 men in the United States are diagnosed with prostate cancer (PCa), and another 29,000 men succumb to the disease.” Dear Cancer Coach-My PSA has increased over the

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Proton-beam therapy-No benefit over radiation in Prostate Cancer

“In a finding likely to add fuel to the debate over treatments for prostate cancer, proton-beam therapy provided no long-term benefit over traditional radiation despite far higher costs…” You’ve

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Non-Toxic Prostate Cancer Therapy

” Epidemiologic studies indicate that selenium is a potential prostate cancer preventive and decreases the growth rate of prostate cancer cells.” You’ve been diagnosed with early stage

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Prostatectomy- Little Advantage Over Observation

surgery for prostate cancer patients (prostatectomy) did not prolong life and often caused serious complications such as infection, urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction A diagnosis of prostate

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Fewer PSA Tests Lead to Fewer Prostate Cancer Cases?

“Both studies found a sharp drop in PSA testing, and one found a significant fall in the rate at which men are getting diagnosed with prostate cancer…” Screening for prostate cancer

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Highly-Focused Ultrasound- Palliative Therapy for Metastasized Prostate and Breast Cancer?

 Prostate specialists there used high-intensity focused ultrasound to blast cells in his bones that were triggering his pain When breast and prostate cancers metastasize or spread, they often spread

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Mind-Body Therapy, The Movember Foundation & Gambling

The Movember Foundation has historically been crucial in raising awareness of the most significant issues facing men around the world- Such as testicular and prostate cancer. But for the first time last

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Cancer Coaching- How to Limit Radiation Damage following Prostatectomy”

“I’m already doing the kegels post prostatectomy surgery. What would you suggest I do during radiation and post radiation?” Hi David- I’m going to start radiation treatment after having

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Managing Prostatectomy Side Effects

Reduce your risks of Collateral Damage from Prostatectomy Through Combined Conventional and Non-Conventional Therapies Let me be direct. The collateral damage or long-term side effects for the vast majority

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Testosterone Benefits Prostatectomy

“…a study showing that testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) significantly improved outcomes for some men who underwent robot-assisted radical prostatectomy (RARP)” The study linked

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