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Prostate Cancer Diet- Mediterranean or Flexitarian?

I am a long-term survivor of a blood cancer called multiple myeloma. I am also a man nearing 60. I have two friends who have had prostatectomies (prostate removal). I have several other friends who have

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Prostate Cancer Treatment Side Effects- Radiation Fibrosis

“There is a risk of serious complications developing after radiation treatment (radiotherapy) for prostate cancer (late radiation tissue injury (LRTI)).” Dear Cancer Coach-About six weeks

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Metastatic prostate cancer, gleason score of 9

Cancer Coach- I have prostate cancer gleason 9 that has spread to bones- my situation is as follows: My History 1. I was diagnosed with Gleason 9 Prostate Cancer in September 2011 with PSA of 53 2. Prostate

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Integrative Therapies for Active Surveillance Prostate Cancer

Active Surveillance in Prostate Cancer Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Take Evidence-based Therapies If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer (PCa) and you are considering active surveillance

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Prostate Cancer Coaching- Gleason 3/3, PSA of 5.3, Considering Proton Therapy

“Proton beam therapy for prostate cancer has become a source of controversy in the urologic community, and the rapid dissemination and marketing of this technology has led to many patients inquiring

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Prostate Cancer Diagnostic Testing-Gleason score, PSA, Stage, Biopsy

Prostate Cancer Diagnostic Testing is the key to determining your therapy plan- Don’t over-treat, don’t under-treat- Achieve both Quality and Quantity of Life- Prostate cancer (PCa) is the

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Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Jump? Lifestyle Modification, Avoid Biopsy…

The authors found that those in the lifestyle modification group had significantly lower total Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) on repeat testing a median of 8 weeks from the first test The problem with

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Prostate Cancer- 3-3 Gleason, 5.3 PSA, Biopsy- Proton-Beam Therapy?

Hi Cancer Coach- I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I am considering proton-beam therapy. According to my diagnosis, I have Gleason score of 3/3, PSA of 5.3, and 2 of 26 needle biopsy sites showing

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Prostate cancer, gleason score, biopsy, conventional, non conventional?

Each of these therapies has a risk/reward scenario. Keep in mind that there is a long and growing list of evidence-based, non-toxic therapies to treat early prostate cancer. Dear Cancer Coach- I was wondering

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Got Androgen Deprivation Therapy? (ADT)-Get Nutritional Supplementation-

This review summarizes pre-clinical and clinical studies investigating the ability of dietary supplements to alleviate adverse effects arising from Androgen Deprivation Therapy. In particular, we focus

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Prostate Cancer? Avoid Overtreatment- Take These Steps Before Choosing Surgery or Radiation

…as many as 60% of men who have initial treatment for low-risk prostate cancer might not have required any therapy in their lifetimes. Most of these men will have at least one long-term adverse effect

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Early Prostate Cancer? Know Your Options-

Active Surveillance IS Treatment for Early Prostate Cancer Prostate cancer (PCa) is the most prevalent cancer diagnosis annually among men. The majority of PCa diagnoses are indolent or early stage diagnoses.

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