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Are retinoblastoma survivors genetically predisposed to secondary cancers?

“Despite excellent survival rates among children treated for Rb, survivors with a germline mutation in their Rb1 gene (hereditary Rb) are prone to subsequent cancers including sarcomas, melanoma,

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New Cancer Researcher Challenges Conventional Retinoblastoma Thinking

the predisposition to this type of retinoblastoma (ret) can be inherited, so the other eye of the child and those of infant relatives are at risk to develop tumours… One of the key questions in any

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Retinoblastoma and Evidence-based Non-toxic Therapy to Reduce Relapse

We suggest that this series of events results in a stoppage of the (retinoblastoma) ┬ácell cycle progression at the G1–>S phase transition thereby leading to a G0/G1 arrest and subsequent apoptotic

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