Understand Your SMM, SBP, or MGUS Diagnosis and Work Toward Preventing Full-Blown Multiple Myeloma with Evidence-Based Therapies

The Pre-Myeloma Coaching Course

  • 14 video lessons 
  • 14 easy-to-reference downloadable PDF guides that link to 100+ evidence-based, peer-reviewed studies
  • Unlimited access to a private, online community of other Pre-Myeloma survivors and caregivers that I moderate. There, you can ask questions and receive responses from both myself and other survivors dealing with the same experiences.
  • Cost: $99 (To learn more about why I charge for this course, and about the 501(c)3 non-profit that these charges support, please see the FAQ section at the bottom of this page)

Hi, my name is David Emerson, and I've been a Multiple Myeloma survivor since 1994.

No, you did not read that wrong. I am still here 27 years later, and I spend my days helping Pre-Myeloma and Multiple Myeloma patients decipher both the disease and the treatment options available with a heavy focus on treatment outcomes and patient experience.

I believe that informed patients make better healthcare decisions, and so I developed a course that covers everything you need to know to navigate a Pre-Myeloma condition and actively work towards delaying the development of full-blown Multiple Myeloma.

In this course we will cover the following topics through video lessons with corresponding PDF guides

  • 1
    Questions for your oncologist: find out what questions to ask to get the answers you are looking for.                                                     
  • 2
    Identifying and understanding your symptoms: bone pain, kidney issues, and skin concerns are all a part of the "new normal" of having a Pre-Myeloma condition
  • 3
    Understanding your diagnostic results: understand what your tests are measuring and get a clear picture of your diagnosis and prognosis
  • 4
    Identifying and mitigating the unique risks that you face with a Pre-Myeloma condition 
  • 5
    Utilizing mind-body therapies to manage depression, anger, and anxiety
  • 6
    The importance of bone health and the bone health supportive therapies you can start today
  • 7
    Nutritional and supplementation therapies that are antiangiogenic ​specifically anti-Myeloma
  • 8
    Plus Curcumin and Cannabis for Pre-Myeloma conditions

My own Myeloma journey began with a trip to the emergency room that resulted in an SBP diagnosis.

In 1994, I went to the doctor because I had some neck pain that wouldn't go away.  An x-ray of my neck revealed a large mass where my fifth cervical vertebra should have been....

The doctor told me that I shouldn't drive.  Getting rear-ended might break my neck.

I went under the knife four days later and woke up eight hours after that. When I first woke from my surgery, the oncologist told me that I had multiple myeloma (MM).  I was told that myeloma was an incurable but very treatable blood cancer. I had no idea what that meant. All I heard was "cancer."

Despite my doctor's  pathology report stating a diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma, a few days later another doctor told me that I had a single plasmacytoma. The doctors categorized my illness as "pre-myeloma." 

Receiving two different diagnoses by two different doctors at the same hospital over a span of two days should have been a huge read flag. 

My oncologist told me that I had "pre- MM," non-secretory myeloma, not frank multiple myeloma. 

I underwent several diagnostic tests-- blood, urine, imaging.

I didn't pay attention to any of these tests or ask about any of the results.

I underwent radiation to my c-spine from March-May of 1994. I was considered non-secretory meaning I had no m-spike, negative for protein in my urine, negative beta II microglobulins.

In January of  1995, 10 months after my diagnosis of pre-myeloma, I felt pain and tingling extending from my lower back down my left leg. 

My pre-myeloma had developed into full-blown multiple myeloma. My oncologist told me that I should begin induction chemotherapy of  (V.A.D.-vincristine, adriamycin, dexamethasone)  followed by high-dose cytoxan and an autologous stem cell transplant, all in 1995.

I launched The Galen Foundation, a 501(c)-3 non profit, in 2004.  Six years later, I launched PeopleBeatingCancer.org as a free resource of evidence-based studies and information to help cancer patients and caregivers get a firm grasp on the options and issues related to their cancer. 

I believe that informed patients make better decisions for their care.

I spend my time researching cancers, blogging about cancer issues and working with cancer patients, survivors and caregivers. Coaching cancer patients, survivors and caregivers has become my passion. 

If you or a loved one has been given a diagnosis of one of the following Pre-Myeloma conditions:

  • SBP: a single plasmacytoma, 
  • MGUS 
  • SMM

you may be confused, depressed and maybe a little scared. You’ve been told that your diagnosis is not cancer but that it can lead to an incurable cancer called Multiple Myeloma. 

Your oncologist may have told you that there is nothing that you can do or that you can enter a clinical trial to see if chemotherapy can slow a diagnosis of multiple myeloma. 

In my own opinion, conventional oncology does not know what to do with Pre-Myeloma patients.


This is understandable. There are more than 100 types of cancer. There were more than 1.8 million diagnoses of cancer in the United States in 2019 and more than 600,000 people died of their cancer.  

Multiple Myeloma and Pre-Multiple Myeloma comprises less than 2% of those annual diagnoses. 

Conventional oncology, by law, relies on the Food and Drug Administration for all research and  therapy approval. That’s how medicine works in the United States. 

The Food and Drug Administration does not study or approve non-toxic therapies, treatments that cannot be patented. There are thousands of studies that evaluate non-toxic therapies. There are thousands of therapies that the FDA knows nothing about.

Years of experience and research have taught me that Pre-Myeloma patients can gain control while learning about evidence-based therapies shown to reduce their risk of Multiple Myeloma.

The Pre-Myeloma Coaching Course covers the following topics:

Stop guessing and start making informed decisions.

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Still not sure?
Let me answer some commonly-asked questions:

You're not an oncologist. What do you know?

       That’s correct. I’m not an oncologist. I am a MM survivor. I have experienced both conventional and non-conventional MM therapies. I have lived through remissions and relapses of  my MM. I have researched and written the good, the bad and the ugly about MM. I have worked with hundreds of MM patients, survivors and caregivers. I’ve created the MM CC program based on my 25 years of MM experience. 

If you care so much about cancer patients, why not give it away for free?

         PeopleBeatingCancer is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit. Though our annual expenses aren’t a lot, we do have costs. The funds raised through this coaching course go toward administrative costs related to maintaining a website while ensuring that all the content on PeopleBeatingCancer.org remains free for all visitors. In addition, these funds ensure that the information on PeopleBeatingCancer.org is not swayed by biased interests like pharmaceutical companies through sponsored content. I’ve never taken a paycheck. If you’d like to learn more about how we spend our money, click here to see our most-recent 990 tax forms.

If I buy your program will I be cured of my SMM, SBP, or MGUS? 


          I can’t promise a cure. No one can. All I can say is that conventional oncology considers Pre-Myeloma conditions to be incurable. I’ve lived with MM since 1994 by living the therapies presented in the Multiple Myeloma Coaching Course. 

What happens if I don’t think the Pre-Myeloma Coaching Course is for me?

         We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

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