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“Colon Cancer- Liver surgery is massive…”

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“My oncologist is now recommenting resection of my liver. My oncologist wants to remove the right side of my liver and remove the 2 spots on the left.”

HI David- I am 68 years old and was diagnosed with colon cancer last July. The tumour was removed with no problem. I underwent both a CAT scan and an MRI. Both imaging studies showed spots on my liver. I have had 6 rounds of chemo and the spots on my liver have decreased in size by more than 50%.

When I began chemotherapy I developed mouth sores. I tried baking soda but that didn’t work. When I tried aloe vera (3 glasses a day) after 24 hours my mouth sores had healed.

My oncologist is now recommenting resection of my liver. My oncologist wants to remove the right side of my liver and remove the 2 spots on the left. After this resection and spot removal my oncologist is recommending 6 more rounds of chemotherapy.

This liver surgery is massive and I am very susceptible to infection. I have been reading about milk thistle
I am very terrified of surgery. David what do you recommend?

Thanks in advance for your opinion- Bob & Sal

Hi Bob and Sal-

Thanks for reaching out. Do you remember your stage of colon cancer when you were first diagnosed? A cancer patient’s stage at diagnosis is an important prognostic indicator. Surgical removal of a cancer patients original tumor is often the first step in long-term survival.

You have several things going for you. Please read about some of the different methods of removing the colon cancer mets to your liver below.

When you say “burn them” are you referring to cryotherapy?

Yes, milk thistle promotes liver health but your onc clearly believes that he/she must remove all colon cancer tumors- ASAP.

I understand that you are terrified of surgery yet you underwent your initial colon surgery with a positive outcome. Doing nothing has risks but undergoing more surgery also has risks. How do you feel about this risk/reward? What was your stage at diagnosis?

Let me know, thanks- David


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Cryotherapy for liver metastases

“Primary liver tumours and liver metastases from colorectal carcinoma are the two most common malignant tumours to affect the liver. The liver is second only to the lymph nodes as the most common site for metastatic disease. More than half of the patients with metastatic liver disease will die from metastatic complications…”

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