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Tips- Best Filter Pitcher for Clean Water

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A water filter pitcher is designed to help remove contaminants from the water before it’s poured. This ensures all water going through the pitcher is purified, usable, and in line with modern water standards.

I am a cancer survivor who’s spent most of his life in Cleveland, Ohio. My cancer survivor experiences have compelled me to eat a cleanly and nutritiously as I can. I use a Brita Elite water filter. 

David Emerson

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People already know much about the importance of the most precious fluid for the human body and the right choice in daily consumption. However, what is worrying is that clean drinking water is becoming a limited resource. 

The quality of the water we use for a drink is as significant as the quantity. As seen on bestwaterfilterpitcher.org, along with cleanliness and bacteriological correctness, alkalinity is of utmost importance. The water of neutral pH value has antioxidant effects and neutralizes free radicals, which have an adverse and detrimental impact on human health.

It was necessary to figure out ways to improve the quality of water available to us and make it healthy for daily use. With the development of filtration systems, many households got the chance to improve their quality of life, starting with what they use for drinking and cooking.

Benefits of Filter Pitchers

Currently, the most popular artificial source of clean water is pitcher filters. Although the purpose of these appliances is the same, they may differ in some features, such as capacity, filter replacement time, materials used, etc. But all of them are functional, available, and easy to use.

For only a few tens of dollars, you can always have a handy pitcher that will turn the tap water into a liquid as from the freshest forest sources. The pitchers containing the filter are easy to use and maintain; with regular replacement of the cleansing mechanism, an average household can use pitchers for a very long time. 

The duration of a filter is defined by the amount of liquid that passes through it. Once the filter cleanses a certain number of liters, it becomes useless. Its further use will not contaminate the water but won’t clean it either.

Pitcher filters irreversibly retain chlorine, lead, mercury, and organic compounds. Also, they reduce lime scale. There are also special filters on the market that can remove residues of heavy metals, feculence, or even bacteria. Some pitchers even have filters that enrich the water with minerals.

Drinking Water Consumption

The most important factor when choosing a purifier is the size of the household or the number of consumers. Depending on that, you can determine the amount of water needed for daily use. The larger the family, you’ll need the larger pitcher. Also, you’ll probably have to change filters more frequently.

More powerful models, which are generally more expensive, have filters with a higher purification capacity. They also have a mechanical or electronic capacity indicator, which will show when you can replace the filter. For the best quality of purified water, do this on time.

If you plan on pouring water directly into the glasses right after filtration, pay attention to who will use these appliances. For children, as well as physically disabled persons, some of these pitchers can be heavy. Lightweight models will meet their capabilities.

What Kind of Water You’ll Use in Pitchers

Purification devices are mainly intended for the stream that is coming from a water supply. Filters used in pitchers will remove everything that can be found in this precious fluid, and that comes from pools, pipe systems, or faucets.

If you plan to use these pitchers to purify rain or water from the springs, you should know that it can’t be thoroughly cleaned. It means that manufacturers cannot guarantee the quality of this liquid because they don’t know its natural composition. 

On the other hand, the water from the supply tanks always has the same composition, give or take. Micro particles in it usually don’t harm people in direct contact, but if they enter the body, they can cause specific health problems. For example, it needs chlorine and chloramine for disinfection, but in large quantities, these minerals can be dangerous to health

Design and Brand

Although the functionality of purifiers should be a priority, many people will matter their design. Modern kitchen appliances should be both useful and attractive. They simply want something that will fit into their style and kitchen interior. 

Manufacturers have recognized this desire; so today, we have a vast number of models on the market, in different colors, shapes, with ergonomic handles and lids for storing the liquid in the pitcher. Also, some people won’t mind products with a brand label on them; others will just skip these models.

Buying a branded filter pitcher is often unnecessary, but some people just love to see how much they spend on something. There is no difference in the functionality of these home appliances, whether they cost several tens or several hundred dollars. Their value is added by the unique design or recognizable patterns of a well-known brand.

One should not forget the green aspect of buying these devices. The materials used to make these pitchers are generally high-quality plastics with no harmful elements, commonly known as BPA. The properties of these materials should not be affected by the heat, so feel free to wash them in the dishwasher.

Warranty Period

Regardless of the purpose and price of the appliance, reputable manufacturers always give a few years warranty on their products. During the warranty period, which usually lasts for two or three years, you will change the filters many times. It should be done with caution, as any mistake may result in the loss of warranty privileges.

Some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty. It does not mean that it is valid for all times, but only for the duration of production of the product. After a brand has stopped producing filter pitchers, customers will lose the right to a warranty, even though they never used its benefits.

Natural sources of water still exist, and anyone can utilize them; unfortunately, they are not available to everyone. These springs are usually contaminated or usurped by hydropower or any other type of exploitation. So the majority of the world’s population does not have direct access to the sources of this precious liquid. They have to make it in their homes, using handy filter pitchers.


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