Top Benefits of IV Therapy 

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Intravenous (IV) therapy is the fastest means to deliver immediate medication, fluids, and nutrients into the body.

IV Therapy is quick because it bypasses the digestive system and introduces drugs directly into the bloodstream thereby reducing the time spent on digesting and processing medication in the body.IV therapy transports fluids directly into the vein through intravenous routes. The intravenous route is the fastest way to transport fluid replacement and medication throughout the body.

The fluids are directly introduced into the blood circulation and they reach the targeted organs faster. These routes of administration can be through injections i.e. by using a syringe which will deliver the fluid at high pressures or by infusions (commonly referred to as drips), which relies only on pressure supplied by gravity. This technique as a form of treatment is typically administered by experts like Five Journeys

The method and schedule of administration to be used depends on a wide range of factors. It could be monthly or weekly. It could also be administered during periods of low immunity alone. IV therapy can be used for anti-aging purposes or as treatment of health conditions like detoxification, depression, various types of allergies, adrenal fatigue, post-athletic exercise, cancer and so on. It also speeds up the rate of recovery from various ailments and rejuvenates the body after spells of cold, stressful situations, athletic recovery and so on. 

IV therapy as a means of delivering medication has been in use since as far back as 1883. Since then, it has been the preferred form of treatment for various people. While the benefits of this form of therapy differ from one person to the other, there is a handful of them that are quite general. These includes: 

  1.  It is effective, fast and pain-free: traditional medications or supplements that are orally administered have to go through an elaborate digestion process. This prolongs the rate at which the body starts to absorb the medication. Also, those that have medical conditions that cannot allow them to digest food will have a hard time getting well with regular medication since they will not be able to digest it. 

But, with Intravenous (IV) fluid, we can rest assured that the vitamins or drugs are completely and immediately passed into the bloodstream and made readily available to the blood cells that require them in no time. A common argument is that popping pills orally is faster compared to taking drips. While this is true, administering drips doesn’t take too long too. It takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the health condition. You also don’t have to completely incapacitated in the process. Some doctors now use angiocaths as well. This allows you to move our arms freely while you get the treatment. 

  1. Guaranteed absorption:sometimes, the body might not be able to properly absorb nutrients and drugs due to some medications or medical conditions and complications. With IV therapy, this is never a problem. You have the assurance that the fluid gets into your bloodstream in no time. This allows immediate utilization of the nutrients 
  1. Safety: Naturopathic doctors are the ones that administer IV Therapy. These doctors are typically well trained and get additional licenses to practice naturopathy and they have to go through continuing education to maintain their license. This means you can be certain that they are highly skilled in this field. Of course, quality may vary from one clinic to the other so you must look out for top quality IV treatment clinics. The doctor will also discuss safety and possible expectations with you. Also, aftermaths, adverse reactions, or side effects are very rare. Is IV therapy safe? Click here to find out. 
  1. Diverse applicability: this one, in particular, is one of its most amazing benefits. IV therapy is a customized, tested and potent treatment for various medical issues. Doctors who provide IV therapy are highly skilled, trained and certified so they can identify various medical issues and prescribe the most appropriate Intravenous (IV) therapy that takes care of the specific treatment requirements or nutritional deficiency of each patient as the case may be.

It can also be used to rehydrate the body and serves as an energy booster. Intravenous therapy can help you boost your energy level and your immune system to give you a refreshed and energized feeling especially for those suffering from medical conditions like depression, chronic fatigue, respiratory illness, anxiety, etc. Also, it can be used to deliver supplements that support the normal functioning of vital organs and for optimal hydration for the body. Intravenous treatment can also be used in treating medical issues like constipation, muscle damage, kidney stone, etc.

  1. Instant result: in almost all cases, you can feel the instant effect of IV therapy immediately it is administered. It could take up to two days to digest foods completely but, with IV therapy, you can begin to feel positive changes in your body almost immediately and it has a long-lasting effect of energy, improves brain capacity and general improvement in the body. Find out more benefits of IV therapy here https://www.lifestylephysicians.com/blog/10-benefits-of-iv-therapy


If you do not like taking pills then you need no convincing with choosing intravenous fluid as an alternative. Some medical conditions may require you to take various drugs of different shapes, colors, and sizes. All of that can be taken in a single bag of intravenous liquid. With so many benefits, you should consider booking an IV therapy appointment as soon as possible. 


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