Why a Cancer Coach?

A diagnosis of cancer requires the newly diagnosed patient to make all sorts of decisions about his or her health. A cancer coach works with the cancer patient to make those decisions to best achieve the goals of that cancer patient. 

Simply put, a cancer coach is someone who coaches you through all aspects of your cancer experience. If you have been diagnosed with any cancer at any stage you know that the words “you have cancer” change your life forever. Your challenge in the days, months and years ahead is to learn an overwhelming amount of information about conventional (FDA approved), complementary, and evidence-based non-conventional therapies.

I have lived with incurable cancer since 1994. I launched The Galen Foundation DBA PeopleBeatingCancer  (501c3 non-profit) in June of 1994 and I have researched and written about cancer ever since. I began formally cancer coaching in 2010 and I have been gratified by the results.

The issues, both physical and mental, that cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers must address are:

Therapies (conventional and evidence-based non-conventional)

Enhance Chemotherapy- Reduce Side Effects


A Long-term Cancer Survivor’s Diet, Nutrition Plan-

Nutrition- Before, During and After Cancer Therapy-

Complementary Therapies-