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Why Nutrition Is Considered A Crucial Part Of Fitness?

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I am a long-term multiple myeloma (MM) survivor. I live with several long-term treatment-related side effects. As such I work hard to maintain my health. Nutrition is a crucial part of fitness according to research. At my age I no longer  have the body pictured below but nutrition is more important to me than ever.

  • Nutrition feeds my muscles.
  • My muscles feed my bone health.
  • My bone health is important to surviving my cancer.

And on and on…

David Emerson

  • MM Survivor
  • MM Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer.

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Times are changing, and so are our prenotions of beauty and fitness standards. So anybody who thinks that a lean stature or a six-pack ab is fitness might have to redefine their parameters. Fitness today is no more than those fad diets that devoid you of carbs or detox juice that promise you better gut health. A fit and healthy body functions optimally and allows balance. So when it comes to food and nutrition, it is undoubtedly the most crucial aspect of your everyday life. 

Whether you have specific body goals in mind or enjoy overall well-being, nutrition is the building essence for almost all body needs. It is a common saying in the fitness field that ‘Abs are built in the Kitchen.’ In this article, learn and explore how and why nutrition is the most critical aspect of a fitness journey. 

What Is Nutrition? How It Affects Fitness

Have you ever struggled at the gym for months without experiencing any vital changes?  That often happens when someone misses out on any of the aspects such as nutrition, rest, or recovery. In the past decade, there has been more stress on wholesome food and natural recovery aids. If natural healing is on your mind, you can learn some tips for harvesting cannabis and have your homegrown natural anti-inflammatory supplement at your disposal.  

Not backing your exercise routine with apt food can be your biggest fitness mistake as it can lead to muscle atrophy, i.e., weakness in the muscles.  Perhaps any growth or hypertrophy is a game of balancing exercise and nutrition. You can become fit solely by maintaining the right food and by doing everyday activities. But exercise alone cannot do you any good. 

For all those who want to know, nutrition is the total of the elements you introduce to your body, whether orally or any other form like intravenous infusion.  The next few headings discuss the essential aspects of nutrition.  

What are Macros? Why Are They Important?

The first list of essentials that you must consider while following your fitness journey is macros. Macros consist of ;

  • Carbohydrates – Sugar, fibers, and starch that allows your body heat and energy. They act as fuel to perform. Adequate amounts of carbohydrates will enable you to feel full and healthy. 
  • Protein – They are the building blocks to muscle tissue and fiber. They are another essential component that ensures that the wear and tear during exercise are repaired. It allows the growth and maintenance of structural elements like bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. 
  • Fat – Apart from lubricating your joints, fats help to balance hormonal functions. They are essential for your brain health and help curb inflammation.

Some people consider fats or carbohydrates ‘bad’ for their fitness goals. However, that is a  narrow approach to fitness. Without any of these macros, the chances of achieving perfect composition are bleak. You must maintain a balanced CPF (
carbs-protein-fat) ratio to keep fit and active. An ideal balance could be 40-40-20 -i.e., 40 % of your diet could be carbs, 40% protein, and the remaining 20% fats. 

However, you may variate this ratio depending on your body needs and current caloric requirements. 

What Role Micro Nutrition Has In Fitness Journey?

The human body is complex of various inter-systems, and each of them has a different role to play. Naturally, they all rely on unique sets of elements to function optimally. These elements are usually in the form of minerals and vitamins your body needs in varying amounts. A lack in any can lead to deficiencies that may hinder an organ’s proper functioning and manifest in a disease or problem. 

Unless you pay attention to your eating choices and choose nutritious food, it is impossible to keep fit and functioning. When it comes to micros, the list is pretty comprehensive. From essential minerals like iron, potassium, and calcium to some less famous yet essential ones like zinc, selenium, copper, magnesium has their distinct purpose. Then, there is a whole list of vitamins that ensure a healthy immune, fight oxidative stress, and support organ functions.  

How To Eat Optimally?

Like deficiencies can harm your health, too much of it can be harmful also. That is, popping multivitamins can be dangerous unless prescribed by your physician. Often under the influence of marketing gimmicks, people tend to believe that they need a specific vitamin pill to keep healthy. Whether you require any supplements, it should instead be based on your blood work reports rather than any advertisement on social media. 

Luckily nature has answers to all our body requirements, and that is in the form of food.  One of the easiest ways to introduce micros is by altering colored veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts, coconut water, poultry, and meat in your diet. The more you keep junk aside and fill your plate with wholesome food, the better are your micro requirements fulfilled. 

The Bottom Line

Suddenly fitness has become the most desirable aspect of human life. Partly because of the pandemic situation and partly due to the rising awareness, people now understand that nothing stands as crucial as health. The horizons have broadened. Fitness today is a broad term for overall balance, mental and physical. So, to maintain that, you must incorporate healthy eating habits. 

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