Multiple Myeloma Cancer Coaching Testimonials

Multiple Myeloma Patients and Caregivers Attest to the Benefit of Multiple Myeloma Cancer Coaching-


Laura-Caregiver to MMer Joe-

Thank you so much for your time David.  I really appreciate you helping us with all your experiences and I hope I will be able to help people and pay it forward once I have a lot more knowledge…. you are awesome.  Thanks again…I’m sure I will be bugging you again.

Vincent- MM CC client

David- I have to tell you since I discovered PBC your introduction of CBD oil role in mitigating toxicity of chemotherapy treatment is really notable. I believe the full regimen of Super Omega 3, super cur cumin, CBD oil, and grape seed extract is making a notable impact in my overall quality of life. I am grateful of the service your provide. Thank you David

Kimberly- MM Caregiver

Dear David, I wanted to write and thank you for the help you provided our family. I contacted you in late 2015 about my father who had recently been diagnosed with MM.  I asked you lots of questions which you graciously answered. You gave me hope that maybe my dad’s MM diagnosis was not a death sentence. He received conventional treatment.  In addition, he has been using the supplements that you helped us discover.

My dad is on maintenance Revlimid now.  His doctor recently said that he needed to revise his treatment plan since my dad’s blood work has been coming in so healthy.  He said that they needed to “go outside the box” for his treatment protocol and take time off of the Revlimid.
My dad is healthy and active now.  I thank God for leading us to you and to other people that have helped us along this journey. Thank you for helping us.  May God bless you. Kimberly

John- MGUS

Thank you David for the information.  Sincerely appreciate it.  I will look over your information, and I will continue with the diet, exercise, and the 400 mg of bio-curcumin daily.  You are A good man who doing a great job helping others.  I greatly appreciate you, and I know a lot of other people look to you for help and information.  I will be in touch as I progress forward with my blood tests.  God be with you.  John.

Annie- Caregiver to Jim MM stage 3

Thank you so much for the speedy and in-depth reply.  That is definitely a non-conventional treat.   I so appreciate your insight and perspective.

Corrina- Multiple Myeloma

Once I contacted PBC and looked at the other posted and then email David , when I received Davids email   I felt so much clearer on what my plan was just having somone that has been in the same situation and understood  myeloma and to  read about other people going through the same .this has been wonderful support to me on my journey.
My results have been great so far almost right down and on my third month of the therapy of my choice.  Cheers Corrina

Peter- Multiple Myeloma

Thank you Mr Emerson for the example you have set and the knowledge you share. I’ve been inspired by your story which has given me a lot of optimism for my own journey. I will continue to consult the PeopleBeatingCancer site. All the best Peter

 Katherine- Multiple Myeloma
Hi David, I am ready to sign up month-to-month, but I am not sure where on the website to make an initial payment. I am feeling very distressed and scared this morning and have lots of pressing questions. I am thinking of going for the built-in dose-reduction of Velcade as in this cycle (Cycle 4 of RVD), I’ve started having PN earlier than in previous cycles. It scares me.

Leah- Multiple Myeloma Caregiver

Hi David, Thanks for your very detailed response.  We’ve spoken with a radiologist today about the spine, as my husbands oncologist is away at a conference until Monday. I really appreciated finding this site, to find positive stories and attitudes is hugely helpful at the moment.

John- Multiple Myeloma

 Couple of questions, If you could answer inline below that would be great,  THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the insight your providing as we try to piece the puzzle together. This exchange of info is very helpful and adds to the puzzle we have in front of us right now.
I would like to continue and exchange information  Thank you, John

Victor- Multiple Myeloma
I am really very appreciative of your very informative site on this mmers patients and survivors. Victor

Joan- Multiple Myeloma
Thank you for sharing your incredible wealth of knowledge. I am 1 year out of an autologous stem cell transplant for Mutliple Myeloma and would like to know the dosage
of Curcumin, resveratrol, green tea extract and omega’s you advise and anything else
Important for MM. The bone healing has been the most difficult part with fractures in the spine. Otherwise I am active, biking, walking and working. Have not and will not do radiation.     All the Best, Joan

Lyne- Caregiver- Multiple Myeloma
 Thank you so much! I will do some research on what you wrote in your message. I remember having heard about curcumin being good for the health in general, but never looked into it. Thanks for the links, also… Lyne

 Mary- Multiple Myeloma
I am totally grateful to you for sharing your story…
My m-spike has moved from .04 to 1.04 over the last 12 years thanks to you and Margaret’s Corner. It made me believe I could do something about it. Thanks so much for starting Galen.

Rob- Smoldering Multiple Myeloma (SMM)

Hi David, Many thanks for your encouraging words and thoughts as a long term MM survivor. Very meaningful. Kind regards, Rob

Paul- Multiple Myeloma Caregiver

Thank you so much David for your in depth and positive response. This is all new to me and I am struggling to understand the technical speak in the links provided.
If you are also stating that the treatment offered is the most effective way forward for my partner then I will reassure her and myself will also be less anxious
Thank you David I hope you are well Many thanks Paul

Susan- Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)

Oh David – thank you soooo much. You are the only person that I have heard from about this and I am so eager to hear whatever you can find. At this point I’m thinking that I may opt for the chemo and radiation instead of a lobectomy as I fear my post operative surgery will leave me an invalid and copd is progressive as well so how long would I live and how will my life be. Please forward anything else you can find and thank you again so much.

Jess- Caregiver- Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
God Bless you and your family for caring and sharing with complete strangers.
I appreciate your honesty and your time. jess

 Don- Prostate Cancer
What do you recommend as a good curative diet?
Thank you so much for writing back. My appreciation of this correspondence means a great deal and give me hope. Thank you Dave. God bless!!

 Susan- Renal Cancer
Hi David, Bless you for providing this information, it is a God-send. I (62 y/o female) was diagnosed with Stage 4 Renal Cancer (l-kidney) in 2011.

 Klara- Thyroid Cancer

“Thank you very much for your quick and thorough answer. It helped me understand my situation better, and I was able to express my concerns to my family doc today clearly, and I also really appreciate your care and attention so far…Thank you and all the best.”

Carl- Adolescent and Young Adult Caregiver

David-Thanks so much for your time and insight. You are a good friend and resource. Thanks for the continued support.

Joanne-Breast Cancer stage 4

Dear David,

I am so GRATEFUL for your thoughtful response. I have not yet decided in terms of whether or not to pursue radiation.  Your information is very useful if I choose the radiation option.  Thank you. Joanne

Debbie- Breast Cancer came up in one of my searches for information on what I was dealing with.

I found a wealth of knowledge that I was able to access, all of it important for me to know. I was also
able to ask questions and receive a timely response. It was very refreshing for me to find such a
positive response and website, it helped me feel that their were things I could be doing to make a
positive difference in my life. Thank you, Debbie.

Krista- Breast Cancer
 Thank you so much for your feed back and info you sent me! I really appreciate! This gives me some great things to think about and helps me feel more empowered and less like a victim. I will reread what you have sent and take some time to process. I’m sure I’ll have more questions!  Thank You! I’m very glad I reached out to you and grateful to you! Have a wonderful weekend! Krista

Jonathan- Colorectal Cancer
 Mr David Emerson thanks a lot for your time answering these questions. I will put on march your advise and I will feedback to you. Is there is something that I can do to support your dedication to this work that you are doing, let me know what to do, I respectfully wish to you a prosper and healthy life, God bless America and people like you! sincerely. Jonathan

Anita- Esophageal Cancer

I appreciate your site and responses to everyone and can only tell you that I want to be around for my grandchildren (13,8,3) for a while longer….my 3 y/o grandson would only know from pictures. So thank you for the information and the hope….I do know it’s not guaranteed but hope is a wonderful thing 

Abigail- Glioblastoma Multiform (GBM)

Great article and helpful information. Thank you for sharing with us. Thank you so much

Rob- Liver Cancer

David: You are so kind to offer this help. Please know that your time and energy in helping me will ALWAYS BE APPRECIATED!  I will go on line and register with the folks at PBC.  On a lighter note,  I noticed your picture on the recumbent bike. Very cool. I have been researching them and will eventually get one. Your advice on that later. I think your involvement is great and I will go on-line to register and such.”