Multiple Myeloma- CAR-T Cell- Not Ready for PrimeTime

“Toxicities associated with CAR T cells include cytokine-release syndrome, different types of cytopenia, infections, and neurotoxicity. Although some subsets of patients have sustained responses

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1 in 4 Chemo Drugs Cardio-toxic aka cause Heart Failure

“However, lead author Daniel Addison, MD, explained that the likelihood of having a major cardiac event related to a cancer drug appears to be quite small…”   According to the article

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ChemoRadiation-Induced Short-Term Side Effects

While (chemotherapy drugs) are powerful enough to kill rapidly growing cancer cells, they also can harm healthy cells. This may cause a number of side effects. The severity of these side effects depends

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PeopleBeatingCancer- Side Effects Program

After you heard the words “you have cancer,” if your oncologist then said “By the way, the cure is worse than the disease” would you have undergone conventional cancer therapies

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Chemotherapy-Induced Aging- Non-Toxic Therapies

“The study shows that chemotherapy induces cellular senescence — or cellular aging — in normal tissues, which triggers a pro-inflammatory stress response and promotes the adverse effects of chemotherapy

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Managing Cancer- Chemotherapy, Radiation, Antioxidants

“At present, there is no strategy to reduce the risk of recurrence of the primary tumors or of a second cancer among survivors. Patients unresponsive to standard or experimental therapies have little

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Healing Chemotherapy-induced Heart Valve Damage

I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in early 1994. I underwent induction chemotherapy, high-dose cytoxan and an autologous stem cell transplant all in 1995.