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Cancer Coaching Testimonials

Cancer Coaching testimonials from cancer patients, survivors and caregivers give me a “sense of purpose” and endorse what PBC does each and every day.

PeopleBeatingCancer.org is a Health Communication Application (IHCA)- in short, cancer patients, survivors and caregivers learn about their cancer as well as possible short, long-term and late stage side effects.

The Cancer Coaching testimonials below are from patients and caregivers of different types and stages of cancer who all have one thing in common. They all have turned to PeopleBeatingCancer.org  for information, education and support.

Whether the people below turned to PBC for a minute, an hour or came to PBC repeatedly over the years to learn about their cancer, diagnostics, therapies, etc., the testimonials below attest to the knowledge and support that they have received.

The cancer coaching testimonials below have taught me that cancer patients, survivors and caregivers benefit from the information, education and support that PeopleBeatingCancer’s cancer coaching provides.


David Emerson

  • MM Survivor
  • MM Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

Recommended Reading:

Eric- MM CC Course and Consultation- 

I feel like joining the MM group has honestly been a game changer for me. I went a couple months with my numbers staying in the 500’s and I feel with my juicing, supplements, and walking (I walk about 40 miles a week) I am now in the 300’s… I feel great and have hope, and a good attitude…. Acceptance for me was a slow process, but with joining the group I have significant hope. 

Vivian- Pre-MM Course and Consultation-

It was a pleasure to be able to consult with you yesterday.  I thought it was very positive.  I cannot agree with you more on the cure v. control issue. 

Nick- Pre-MM CC Course-

Thanks so much for your info David. It really is much appreciated. The whole MGUS situation is a bit of a mine field and your knowledge and guidance is so valuable.

Julie- MM CC Course and Consultation-

“So lovely to talk today David. Thank you for your time and your wealth of knowledge.”

David- MM CC Course- 

“This is the best information that I have found on MM since being diagnosed almost 3 years ago with little symptoms thus far.”

April- Pre-MM Course and Online Group-

“I greatly appreciate what you and the members are doing. You are offering a wonderful service and I am grateful to participate in whatever way I find comfortable.

Paul- MM CC Course-
I send an ocean of gratitude to you for your magnificent accomplishment, and the gift and vital opportunity you provide to me and many others!

Jenny- MM CC Consultation

All thanks to you, Mr. Emerson.  Thank you again for another very informative and very helpful consultation, I truly appreciate it.  Wishing you and your family a blessed upcoming Spring season 🌱

PeopleBeatingCancer Site User
Randall- Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate finding your site. Since last summer I have just been starting on the path with MGUS and do not have a consult with a Dr. after my last tests until early March.

PeopleBeatingCancer Site User
Paul- “MM in remission just over 4 mths following 2 lots of chemotherapy and sct. Currently on lenalidomide 10mg. Very useful information here, thank you 😊”

Jenny- MM Course and Consultation-
Hi Mr. Emerson- Thank you so much for all the very helpful information you emailed me and thank you for a great consultation; you answered the questions other people I consulted with, weren’t able to answer and your consultation helped me feel, understood, validated, hopeful, empowered, focused and much more clear on the reality/possibilities of living/managing Myeloma. 

Brandon- MM CC course and consultation

My wife and I recently had a baby naturally (no IVF required).  I just wanted to thank you for all the information you place on your website.  With the information you provided, I made the informed decision to decline the whole Stem Cell Transplant process and I just had 4 cycles of VRD induction therapy.  After my induction therapy, I was able to remain in complete remission for approx 2.5 years (with no use of conventional therapies).  In this time, I met my future wife, got married and had a baby.  If I had undergone the Stem Cell Transplant, I don’t think this would have been possible.  Thank you David

 Claude- MM CC Consultation

David- You are a life savior- thanks

Linda- Pre-MM CC Course and Consultation- 

Thanks David for this information. I will be sure to have a read . Thanks again for all your knowledge in this area and for guiding me through this process.  I’ll be sure to be in touch with you soon. Kind Regards 

Dan- MM CC Program- Course and Consultation 

David-  thank you so much.  I’m feeling good about the path before me.  No small credit to you and your work.  It introduced me to a whole new approach to this-

Carey- Pre-MM Course and Consultation

David – it was so valuable to me to talk with you. You gave me good perspective on my current situation, your experience, what you see from others including your research. Added bonus your from Cleveland!  Thanks so much and we’ll stay in touch!

Bea- MM CC Course and Consultation- 

Wow, what can I say? The support you offered us during our consultation was beyond words—simply inspiring, educational, and empowering, as this journey has been incredibly lonely and difficult.
It was such a pleasure meeting you, David. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and experience with us. Thank you for your empathic ear, giving us all the time we needed to ask you questions and pointing us toward the light at the end of the tunnel. Although there is still work ahead, we are in a much better place after the consultation you offered us yesterday. 

Victor- MM CC Course and Consultation-

Good afternoon David- First off THANK YOU for creating your MM CC Program.  It is extremely helpful so far and affirms my thoughts on a lot of things about Standard-of-Care treatment…

Len- Regular User- 

David – you and your website have been very helpful to me since I received my MM diagnosis!  I appreciate all that you do for patients like me and others, and feel that a contribution is the least I can do to show support and gratitude! I may reach out to you later in July after my next oncology appointment.

Mae- MM CC Course and Consultation-

Hi David- I should be the one thanking you! I found it really valuable thanks. You have an incredible understanding of the condition. Hope you have a great weekend.

James- MM CC Course-

Hi David- I look forward to starting the course today. Thank you for all you have done, and are doing, to help those like me who are battling MM and learning from your valuable experiences.

Richard- Pre-MM Course and Consultation-

Thank you David. Sincerely.

Robert- MM Patient-

Wow! Thank you for answering me David. I admire your dedication to us folks and I must say that I feel you to be very sincere in your demeanor. What a Godsend for me at this time!

Ellen- MM CC Caregiver- Consultation- 

Actually your blog supplies answers almost for every question on myeloma. Thank you for your time and advice. This is really helpful for my family. Hope I could revert with some good news soon. I will keep you posted. 

Beth- MM Caregiver-

Hi David- My father and I was so impressed by your fighting against multiple myeloma. Your experience and website are so meaningful to the people who suffers from cancer and their caregivers.  Cancer is not only a disease, but a disaster for our family. Yet with your encouragement and advice, we wil face with it more confidently. Thanks God for being in our life! 

Anthony- Pre-MM Program- Course and Consultation-

David- I’m really thankful for the wealth of information regarding supplementation. Should we collaborate during a consultation? I recently moved from MGUS to Smoldering. Thanks for your help!

Eddy- MM CC Program- Course

Hi David-Thank you so much for your feedback which as you know I value greatly. I am determined to stick with the lifestyle and diet changes that I’ve made through this journey which I know will continue to give my body what it needs to stay strong. Have a wonderful week and thank you for all your support 😊

Stephanie Hernandez- MM CC Course

Thank you David for all the information and guidance you provide. What would we do without you! Your Amazing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Gustavo Soto- myeloma caregiver

Dear David, thank you for this great information. You are a really good guy, and the fact that you share your experience fighting with myeloma is indeed an indicator of your goodness, 

I am going to help my dad as much as possible, and I think with this great guide that you provide, a lot of positive things will come, despite the fact that we can´t use ascorbic acid. Thanks again, 

Nathan Khan- MM CC Course
David- I watched all your videos when I got my membership.   Amazing! Thank you for spending the time researching and studying MM.  I was diagnosed with MM about 10 months ago.    After the start with Remlivid (Valcade, Dex), I developed three heart clots (saddle clot).    Long story short.   Never had a clot before.   Three day emergency hospital stay on Heparin).  I am now on Eliquis twice a day.

Carol and Debby- Pre-MM CC Course and Consultation-
Thank you so much, David. This is all so very new to me and I appreciate your wise counsel.

Julie and Dolly- MM CC Course and Consultation-
Thank you so much for such a fantastic talk and for sharing your knowledge. 
I feel so much more prepared and empowered for our chat with the Mayo clinic tomorrow now. 
Thank you thank you a million. 

Annie and Mike- Pre-MM CC Course, Consultation-
Thank you for your time David! We appreciate all of the information you provided. We certainly will reach out to you if we have any other questions. May God continue to keep you safe and healthy to help serve others around the world. 

Susan and Don- Pre-MM Course and Coaching-
Dear David- Thank you for meeting with us yesterday.  Your help will be very valuable going forward. I appreciate all the advice about learning to better cope.  I also appreciate your knowledge on strategies to counter progression of my MGUS. Thank you very much!

Wendy- MM Cancer Coaching-
“Thank you for your dedication and commitment to helping all of us with overcoming this complicated adversity!”

Eric- Cancer Coaching
“Thank you very much.  You’re truly doing god’s work.  God bless you and I hope and pray for your continued good health and long life.   I will give this information to my mom and hope for the best.”  

Cath- MM CC Course-
David; you definitely know about how your body operates and what to do to keep it up and running. I’m so glad I follow your lead….in as much as advice and information. Thank YOU!!

Brandon- MM CC Course- 
Diagnosed in middle of 2020 with multiple myeloma.  Underwent approx 4 months of induction therapy (VRD) and stem cell collection (no ASCT).  Been on non-conventional therapies since beginning of 2021.  No conventional treatments for 16 months now.  Specialist considers my condition is behaving like MGUS.  Really pleased with all the information I have got from people beating cancer.  Thank you David for all your help.

Richard- SBP Caregiver-
“I’ve found your website to be extremely helpful and encouraging. Thank you so much and I sincerely hope your MM stays in remission for ever!

Patty- MM CC Course and Consultation-
Hi David- I’ve been doing some research on my treatment and overall eating healthy with a more long term gesture.   I think when we spoke almost two years ago I really had no idea of my relationship with MM I only heard there was treatment and i was lucky! Side affects didn’t come into play!  Fatigue wasn’t bad /steroids didn’t bother me so much.
Now having gone in and out of of remission your research makes more sense .  So I will be re-reading all the documents and working on my long term plan. Thanks for your guidance and patience . 

Willy- MM CC Course-
Hello David. I write you with great news as I have moved from diagnose Stage 3 in 2013 to a NED (No Evidence of Disease) status in 2022. I will remain on a once a month protocol to keep an eye on things and come off all treatment pending the results of another bone biopsy for confirmation. I am so blessed, humbled, and thankful. I appreciate your guidance and informative blog that help keep one’s eyes on the pulse within the myeloma community. Thank you again and again David

Ollie and Mary- MM CC Course- 
Mary and I appreciate what you continue doing for this website. She is 4 years since diagnosis and is doing quite well we believe because of some of the more natural suggestions we’ve picked up from the website. We would certainly love to have a copy of the new book. God continue to bless you and may you have good health as well.

Dory- MM CC Course-
Thank you so much David for all of your emails and the abundant information you provide. I was diagnosed with MM in 2020 and promptly joined your group. I have been in remission now for nine months (I stopped taking any chemo because the side effects were hard on my body). I have been very well since then and my bloods have all been positive. We follow closely the information that you present to us and as a result, have added various supplements and other recommended suggestions such as saunas, regular exercise and meditation to my daily routine.

Barry- MM CC Course- 
I am a lifelong athlete diagnosed at 55 stage 1. The tell was a massive lesion in L-5 and some penetration into S-1.
My L-5 was completely destroyed and I have metal holding me up. I have just finished 2 years of maintenance and I go for a full blood panel next week with results the following. I’m back on my bike and skiing very much to the surprise of my surgeon and oncologist.
I appreciate all you do and if you know of other young athletes that have been diagnosed and are struggling with the loss of or the diminishment of their physical activity, you can refer them to me for some camaraderie or support.

Don- MM CC Program- Course
David- Thanks for your fine efforts, it offers so much including an online community.  Your information and more which I got in 2017 I’m sure was a big part of keeping my mm smouldering for nearly 5 years.

Leena- MM CC Program- Course and Consultation 
Hi David- I enjoyed our talk yesterday.  Thanks so much.  It’s always nice to get information from someone that has MM and has such an educated knowledge of the disease.

Albert- MM CC Program- Course
Hello David, My name is Albert Smith. I was diagnosed in August 2021 with stage 2 MM. I just recently joined your coaching course on MM & my wife & I are impressed with the amount of time & effort you have given to helping others survive as you have.

Amir- MM CC Program- Course and Consultation
David- I have now completed the MM course and have to say it was exactly what I was looking for in terms of answering questions I had which my consultant/oncologist couldn’t answer. Your story is inspirational and insight/background (having in effect lived with MM for over 25 years) invaluable for people living with MM, whatever stage that may be. What is clear to me though is that after your ‘end state’ treatment in Texas (which I would consider if I was in the same position), you have incorporated a number of lifestyle changes that have assisted with your long-term remission.

Nola- MM CC Program- Course

I appreciate your ability to post evidence-based therapy without getting into problematic recommendations. I have gone through half of the course materials without getting triggered by much disagreement – and that was one of the concerns I had in signing up for the course.  I am very used to having problems with other people’s logic and recommendations.   You’ve kept it very clean – bravo!

Venus- MM CC Program- Course

Hello David- I am still in complete remission while on a minimal maintenance program and shifting to more and more nontoxic nonconventional protocol involving deep nutrition and lifestyle tweaks…like infrared sauna, vitamins c infusion, more outside activities. 

Janet- MM CC Program- course and consultation

t was great to speak with you yesterday.  Thank you very much for the information in the agenda you sent through while we may not have covered all the points in our conversation you have armed me with enough information to obtain this from my specialist and much more, particularly engaging and challenging my ongoing treatment i.e. quality of life approach.

I very much appreciate all the information you have on your site, it is very informative and it has empowered me to take control of my situation.

Rich and Sally- MM CC Program- course and consultation

Thank you David. The consultation was very insightful and refreshing because we could get a myeloma perspective from someone who have been living through those challenging therapies. You don’t get that from doctors.

We feel renewed and ready to face the challenge.

Thank you for your time and we will keep you updated.

Carl- MM CC Program-

I have great news to share, I am in remission, a “Complete Response” after 3 months of treatment. My CT scan also indicated my bone lesions are ‘filling in’ smoothly and the extramedulary lesion I had is gone.  I attribute both conventional and non-conventional treatments to my remission.

Thank you David for this avenue in exploring this disease, it’s been a great resource!  

Karen- MM CC Program-

I am proud to say that my coach is my mentor for Multiple Myeloma. Questions are answered, even if the coach has to research

Robert- MM Survivor-

“Diagnosed Sept. 2017 high risk t4,14  stage III…I had such bad neuropathy you could drop a concrete block on my feet and I would not feel it….Don’t get me wrong chemo saved my life, the cbd and thc gave me my life back…For me the most important thing is having a Doctor who understands me and my disease…And number one is my team of healthcare providers are all mm specialists…I am now 50 months still have MM, but manageable have no other physical ailmentsThank you for your website it has been a tremendous aid for me in my journey…”

Louise- MM CC Program- Course and Consultation- Private Online Group- Beating Myeloma

Hi David- Thanks for all your good posts on the Beating Myeloma group. I really appreciate the articles and the conversations. 

Dan- MM CC Program- Course and Consultation-

“Thank you very much for your time and your summary. Thank you also for your website and your MM Coaching Course, which I spent a good deal of time this past weekend. I found it invaluable! The Cure versus Control debate which you reference in this summary was of particular interest to me.”

Nancy- Pre-MM CC Course-

“Dear David-I wanted to personally thank you for the incredibly informative and motivating course!
My oncologist says the (MGUS diagnostic) values are very good, I have nothing to worry about.
But I am only 45, have african roots, and waiting and doing nothing is not in my nature.”

Brendan- MM CC Program- Course and Consultation

“The work you are doing is amazing and God sent.  Keep it up and thank you for all your hard work.”

Gregory- MM CC Program-Course and Consultation

“Thank you much David! You are an inspirations for me and others who are battling MM, and I appreciate all that you do.”

Stephanie- MM CC Program- Course and Consultation

Hi David- Completed the course. Thank you for all the invaluable information. Wanted to request approval to join the group thru mighty networks.

Richard- MM CC Program- Course and Consultation

Thank you very much David for all your time, knowledge and experience. I let let you know about my progress

Don- Pre-Myeloma CC Course-

Hello David. Thank you for putting this together. I have enjoyed the courses so far. They are refreshing compared to the myriad of MGUS info on the web. Informative and really help with some of the questions I have had.

Kathy- MM CC Course-

Hi David- I want you to know that the information you provided changed my entire mood today. I have been weepy and scared and feeling so heavy – and after reading there is another option that feels intuitively right to me, I feel totally perked up and eager to start to treat this. I’m sending a message to my portal now to request a meeting with my hem/onc. before he establishes a protocol for my induction. Thank you a ton!

Laurie- MM CC Program- Consultation-

David- As always you put thinks in the right perspective!  Thank you so much.

Lon- MM CC Program- Course and Consultation-
PeopleBeatingCancer has been of great value for my MM journey. I’m four years out from diagnosis with no need still for any treatment. PBC a big reason why. I’ve referred many on FB and else where to it.

Bill-MM CC Program- Course and Consultation-
Hi David-Thank you for the coaching call last Monday.  It was very helpful.  I went to see my new specialist – the one you mentioned was a MM specialist in——-.  He answered some of my questions, but was still very persistent that I should have a ASCT…

Allen-MM CC Program, Consultation-

Thank you Dave for you research, time, and coaching.

Ellen- MM CC Program, Consultation-

Hi David- Thank you for being sensitive with your words, as it’s not easy to discuss some aspects of these things. I really appreciate your time and generosity. I think everyone now feels so much more hopeful, optimistic and peaceful and she feels much less alone in her journey. We’re looking forward to implementing your suggestions and feeling like we have some more control. Thank you again. It was a huge blessing to find your website and we’re really grateful you’ve made this your life’s work. Sincerely, Ellen

Cindy- MM CC Program, Consultation-

“Thank you for doing what you do. I have more clarity and less worry since joining your group. You can quote me on that.”

Jess- MM CC Program, Consultation-

Hi David-Very nice talking to you today.  Very informative and helpful.  I learned a lot.

I appreciated it. Thank you,

Steven- Pre-MM CC Program w/ Consult-

Yes, David. You have been very very helpful. Plus, you seem to be a great, smart, genuine guy!


David- MM CC Member-

I’ve finished the course and have really enjoyed all the new information and perspectives. So many questions have come into my mind!

Daniel- MM CC Member-

Feeling blessed to have available and be part of this course. Thank you in advance, David, for all your dedication and hard work into this program and helping people that are suffering from this debilitating illness.


MJ- MM CC Member-

l am a 4 year survivor of a Multiple Myeloma diagnosis. The information I’m getting now is good. Wish I’d had it 4 years ago. Side effects of various drugs have really been hard

Ann- MM CC Member-

Hi David- Million thanks for our talk.  It was very uplifting.  Your experience is a source of inspiration for me.

Thank you for sending the invite-

Lisa- MM CC Member-

Hi David- Gosh, I really appreciate your feedback and quick response.   Sometimes I feel like a “party of one” with this disease so it’s comforting to know someone who understands it all.

Laura- MM CC Member-

David, thank you so much it was so nice to finally hear your voice. You gave me a lot to think about. a lot for Kayla and I to work on. I will follow up on the other aspects of this with my oncologist, and perhaps speak to my rheumatologist about the fibromyalgia Factor. Thanks again for all the links in a blog and hopefully I’ll keep in touch with you you have yourself a nice day out there in Ohio. Peace out Laura

Gretta- MM CC Member-

David- Thank you so very much for your educated opinion.  Your evaluation is extremely helpful, support and important to me.  Your prognosis totally aligns with mine.  I cannot begin to express how thankful I am to have found you and started replicating your protocol at such a critical time of my induction.  I credit it for making such a huge difference in where I am today.

Maria- MM CC Member-

“Hi David- The standard of information and help you have given me so far has been high so I doubt the videos will be any different. Thank you for all your help and openness with information in relation to MM. I really appreciate it. Maria

Alan- MGUS Survivor-

“You are an amazing person to be doing this. Thanks from all of us who have reached out to you.

I know things have changed in 25 years but one thing still has not…the negativity and disinterest in nutrition and supplements by main stream doctors. I keep running ideas past mine and they say there is nothing to stop MGUS. But I say if no downside then why not try it.”

Ned- MM Survivor- MM CC member-

“Thanks again for putting together the MM coaching course. I find it a great resource, and go back to it repeatedly…”

Ken- Newly Diagnosed MM Patient-

“David, I have viewed a number of your vlogs am slowly learning more about my current and future myeloma treatments. I appreciate your years of experience and expertise…”

Steve- MM Survivor-

I am so blessed that I became aware of Dave 3-1/2 years ago while I was trying to figure out how I should proceed. He made perfect sense to me to seek out a multiple myeloma specialist and also to use the evidence proven supplements he recommends as a co-therapy. When I was first diagnosed, I was suffering with acute anemia and my hemoglobin reading was at 6. The healthy range is 14 to 16. My hemoglobin reading is now at 15 and I am back to work as a standby generator technician, a somewhat rugged field of work.

Ron- Smoldering Multiple Myeloma Patient-

Just tell folks out there your information helped me a lot!

In the Spring of 2017 just as I was retiring, I was shocked to learn I might have myeloma. I have been open to alternative medicine and searched online for more help in that direction and found People Beating Cancer. I subscribed and have followed many of the supplement tips since and my blood numbers have barely moved at all which means no treatment.

Thanks much, Dave and all

Brice- Prostate Cancer Coaching Patient-

Howdy!  Just did my PSA screening this week and it has yo-yo’d back down to 2.06!!  It was at 2.64 or so last reading.  I can’t thank you enough for “prescribing” the three supplements, Dave!

Allen-MGUS Patient

Dave..thanks for your response and reassurance. 
You truly are a great help to bounce ideas off of and test results. 

Eric- Caregiver to June- MM survivor

I am so grateful to have you on my team

Mena-Beating Myeloma Member-

Happy holidays David, and everyone in this group. Thank you David for caring thanks for all your advices.

Karen-MM CC Client-

thanks so much for cancer coaching David – you are so responsive and well-researched, we are very lucky to have you! Are there any health therapies I should be researching?

SC MM CC Client

Aloha David- Thank you so very much for the quick response.  You have contributed a great deal to my health, and I thank you so very much for all your help and experience.  You let me know I was on the right road with your life experience in dealing with myeloma.  Your knowledge and experience shone light on my path and countless other people you have helped through the years with your non-profit organization. That was why I sent you my readings to show how much you have helped me with my myeloma and health in general.

Take care and keep on helping  people, that is your higher purpose in life. Thanks again my friend!  May God keep lighting your way in helping others overcome their myeloma and health.
Sincerely, SC

Bryant- multiple myeloma

First, thank you for this fantastic website, it is one of my go-to places on the web!”

John- multiple myeloma

“As always I appreciate you for being honest, something we do not see among most people today.”

David, Thank you for taking the time to “speak” with me about it. Thank you and thank you for all you do”

Don-caregiver to leukemia survivor

Hi David, thank you for he many e-mails that you have been forwarding to me and others towards the common goal to beat cancer.”

Debbie- Barrett’s Esophagus

“It’s nice to know that people such as yourself are doing something positive to help make the World a better place to live in.” 

Bryan- G.E.R.D.

David, Thank you so very much for your cancer coaching and referral.  I will be making an appointment with Dr. DeMeester and I shall of course let you know how it goes.  Again, many thanks.

Jo Anne- MM Cancer Coaching client

Thank you, David. Your input is very helpful.
I did purchase your cancer coaching package a few years ago and found it very helpful as well. I may be calling you:) I think it is wonderful that you are sharing so much information with people battling MM and other cancers.  Keep up the good work.
To your health, Jo Anne


Thank you David for the cancer coaching information.  Sincerely appreciate it.  I will look over your information, and I will continue with the diet, exercise, and the 400 mg of bio-curcumin daily.  You are A good man who doing a great job helping others.  I greatly appreciate you, and I know a lot of other people look to you for help and information.  I will be in touch as I progress forward with my blood tests.  God be with you.  Jack.

Kirsten- caregiver to her MMer dad-

Wonderful.. thank you so much for such a great summarizing. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your advice..! I will be going over this carefully. Take care, Kirsten

Will- newly diagnosed MMer and MM Cancer Coaching client-

David, hope your move went well. That’s always a hectic affair.
Just wanted to say thanks again for the guidance and insight.  Much appreciated.
Still get my bearings but I will reach out in the next several days.
Thanks again.

Eric- MM Cancer Coaching Client-Caregiver to MMer Jan-
“I have been caretaking since February which began with Jan falling and breaking both arms and now I am reaching deep for my second wind.   With MM you are never quite sure what is ahead.  Thanks for your support David.  You have been there every time I needed some support.

Susan- Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)

Oh, David – thank you soooo much. You are the only person that I have heard from about this and I am so eager to hear whatever you can find. At this point, I’m thinking that I may opt for the chemo and radiation instead of a lobectomy as I fear my post-operative surgery will leave me an invalid and COPD is progressive as well so how long would I live and how will my life be. Please forward anything else you can find and thank you again so much.

Bob MM Cancer Coaching Client-

“Thank you, David.  I have a lot of good reading to do and can’t wait to get started. Everything arrived just as it should with the possible exception of the Facebook invitation.  Perhaps that comes later.  I am looking forward to talking to you soon. In the meantime, I have plenty to keep me busy.  I have searched for a long time to find someone with your knowledge of healing and experience with MM.  Thanks for what you do.”

Kimberly Caregiver to her MMer Dad-

“I wanted to write and thank you for the help you provided our family.I contacted you in late 2015 about my father who had recently been diagnosed with MM. I asked you lots of questions which you graciously answered. You gave me hope that maybe my dad’s MM diagnosis was not a death sentence. He received conventional treatment.  In addition, he has been using the recommended supplements that you helped us discover. My dad is on maintenance Revlimid now.  His doctor recently said that he needed to revise his treatment plan since my dad’s blood work has been coming in so healthy.  He said that they needed to “go outside the box” for his treatment protocol and take time off of the Revlimid.

My dad is healthy and active now.  I thank God for leading us to you and to other people that have helped us along this journey. Thank you for helping us.  May God bless you.

Betsy Caregiver to MMer Simon-

“Thank you so much, David, you have been a tremendous resource and Simon is very much buoyed by your talk and we as a family are very grateful to you for your advice!  Take care, we wish you good health, and we will keep you posted as to Simon…”

John- Pre- MM Cancer Coaching client-

“Hi Dave.  I wanted to share with you that my blood test on Monday, July 10, showed my MGUS number dropped from 1.1 to .9, and I have my doctor appointment on Monday, July 17.  I followed your advice and increased my dosage of LifeExtension Super Bio-Curcumin from 400 mg a day to 800 mg.  It worked.  I will stay on 800 mg a day and see what my next test results are.  Thank you for your help.  I will let you know how things go.  I do believe in the LifeExtension Super Bio-Curcumin.  I would not use another brand.”

Scott- MM CC Client-

Hello David, I would like to thank you again for taking the time to speak to me yesterday. The discussion was actually quite comforting. I have read the majority of the downloads that I received yesterday. What a tremendous amount of information you have acquired. It was extremely informative and reinforces the fact that I have a lot of work to do. I do have a couple of questions now, there will be more later.”

Miriam- Pre-MM Cancer Coaching Client-

“Thank you for sending the pre-MM guides, and the Life Extension links, along with consumer lab. I’m prepared to commit myself towards improving immune system function, and being consistent with the more manageable aspects of where I am right now. I’ll keep you updated, and with anything that may be of help that I learn along the way.

Keep up the wonderful research that you offer, and may your own health continue to flourish.”

Brenda- MM Caregiver-

“Hello David, Thank you for always being a rich, reliable, and reasoned source of information and wisdom complete with this blog referral. Your information always gives up a boost when we are particularly vulnerable.”

Gillian- Pre-MM Cancer Coaching Client-

“HI David, Thanks for all that you do!!  It was wonderful to find your pages and the work you do is so good. It really helps. And congratulations on your 23 years!!”

 Tracy- MM Cancer Coaching Client

“I so appreciate your thoughts and advice and look forward to going over more of the info in your guides & also to going on Facebook & getting involved with a group. I need to be less anxious about everything which is a challenge because I’m a natural worrier at heart.  I didn’t read all the information on the disease that I could in the beginning when I was diagnosed with the MGus in 2015 because I was dealing with my Mom’s sudden death & was so overwhelmed emotionally. Especially when I just r googled the disease and would see all kinds of horror stories. Then when I got the lesions last year- I did the same thing because it was the only thing I could do at the time- right when I was in the middle of moving after buying a house. At times I felt that it was too scary and it got me very anxious and overwhelmed and I couldn’t sleep at night… but now I do want to be a little more educated going forward-I just have to take it one step at a time. So I’m glad to have to have found out about you and the research that you’ve done.”

Lynn- MM Cancer Coaching Client-

“I have reviewed your materials, which were very useful not only in helping me get organized for the next phase of my health trajectory and but also in confirming how much I have learned and have done in advocating for myself over the past three years since my diagnosis in 11/14.”

Louise- MM CC Client-

“Thank-You for this information. Greatly appreciated. I am a 5 year MM survivor. No SCT…I am high-risk for infections.”

Martine- MM Caregiver-

” My husband was diagnosed in 2003 and at that time there were not many treatments available and the MM specialists were pushing transplants a lot. At the time David was one of the few people who opened our eyes to alternatives. Now when we go to Dana Farber, the doctors are a lot less enthusiastic about transplants due to, as David said, the many more options available in treatments. We also changed our lifestyle to eat healthier and supplement to lessen the side effects. In conclusion, if you can, seek a second opinion with an MM specialist who will review your case and help you decide.”

Ann and Stan-MM CC Clients-

“In conclusion, the information in these guides is priceless. It announces loudly that everyone needs a cancer coach! You impacted my life and both my husband and I cannot thank you enough. 

Brent- MM Cancer Coaching Client-

“I signed up for your premier coaching training and would like to schedule my one on one time with you for some time in the near future. I read through most of your material. You have done an excellent job categorizing and summarizing your information on MM.”

Mort- MGUS- Pre-MM Client

I read your frequent contributions to People Beating Cancer appearing in my email box.  Many thanks for all the good work you do in that field, and for your continued friendship. Best wishes and regards. Mort

Laura-Caregiver to MMer Joe- MM CC Client

Thank you so much for your time David.  I really appreciate you helping us with all your experiences and I hope I will be able to help people and pay it forward once I have a lot more knowledge…. you are awesome.  Thanks again…I’m sure I will be bugging you again.

Vincent- MM CC client- MM Cancer Coaching Client

David- I have to tell you since I discovered PBC your introduction of CBD oil role in mitigating the toxicity of chemotherapy treatment is really notable. I believe the full regimen of Super Omega 3, super curcumin, CBD oil, and grape seed extract is making a notable impact on my overall quality of life. I am grateful for the service you provide. Thank you, David,

Kimberly- MM Caregiver

Dear David, I wanted to write and thank you for the help you provided our family. I contacted you in late 2015 about my father who had recently been diagnosed with MM.  I asked you lots of questions which you graciously answered. You gave me hope that maybe my dad’s MM diagnosis was not a death sentence. He received conventional treatment.  In addition, he has been using the supplements that you helped us discover.

My dad is on maintenance Revlimid now.  His doctor recently said that he needed to revise his treatment plan since my dad’s blood work has been coming in so healthy.  He said that they needed to “go outside the box” for his treatment protocol and take time off of the Revlimid.
My dad is healthy and active now.  I thank God for leading us to you and to other people that have helped us along this journey. Thank you for helping us.  May God bless you. Kimberly

John- MGUS

Thank you, David, for the information.  Sincerely appreciate it.  I will look over your information, and I will continue with the diet, exercise, and the 400 mg of bio-curcumin daily.  You are A good man who did a great job helping others.  I greatly appreciate you, and I know a lot of other people look to you for help and information.  I will be in touch as I progress forward with my blood tests.  God be with you.  John.

Annie- Caregiver to Jim MM stage 3

Thank you so much for the speedy and in-depth reply.  That is definitely a non-conventional treat.   I so appreciate your insight and perspective.

Corrina- Multiple Myeloma

Once I contacted PBC and looked at the other posted and then email David , when I received Davids email   I felt so much clearer on what my plan was just having someone that has been in the same situation and understood  myeloma and to  read about other people going through the same .this has been wonderful support to me on my journey.
My results have been great so far almost right down and on my third month of the therapy of my choice.  Cheers Corrina

Peter- Multiple Myeloma

Thank you, Mr. Emerson, for the example you have set and the knowledge you share. I’ve been inspired by your story which has given me a lot of optimism for my own journey. I will continue to consult the PeopleBeatingCancer site. All the best Peter

 Katherine- Multiple Myeloma
Hi David, I am ready to sign up month-to-month, but I am not sure where on the website to make an initial payment. I am feeling very distressed and scared this morning and have lots of pressing questions. I am thinking of going for the built-in dose-reduction of Velcade as in this cycle (Cycle 4 of RVD), I’ve started having PN earlier than in previous cycles. It scares me.

Leah- Multiple Myeloma Caregiver

Hi David, Thanks for your very detailed response.  We’ve spoken with a radiologist today about the spine, as my husband’s oncologist is away at a conference until Monday. I really appreciated finding this site, to find positive stories and attitudes is hugely helpful at the moment.

John- Multiple Myeloma

 Couple of questions, If you could answer inline below that would be great,  THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the insight your providing as we try to piece the puzzle together. This exchange of info is very helpful and adds to the puzzle we have in front of us right now.
I would like to continue and exchange information  Thank you, John

Victor- Multiple Myeloma
I am really very appreciative of your very informative site on this mmers patients and survivors. Victor

Joan- Multiple Myeloma
Thank you for sharing your incredible wealth of knowledge. I am 1 year out of an autologous stem cell transplant for Multiple Myeloma and would like to know the dosage
of Curcumin, resveratrol, green tea extract and omega’s you advise and anything else
Important for MM. The bone healing has been the most difficult part with fractures in the spine. Otherwise, I am active, biking, walking and working. Have not and will not do radiation.     All the Best, Joan

Lyne- Caregiver- Multiple Myeloma
 Thank you so much! I will do some research on what you wrote in your message. I remember having heard about curcumin being good for the health in general but never looked into it. Thanks for the links, also… Lyne

 Mary- Multiple Myeloma
I am totally grateful to you for sharing your story…
My m-spike has moved from .04 to 1.04 over the last 12 years thanks to you and Margaret’s Corner. It made me believe I could do something about it. Thanks so much for starting Galen.

 Rob- Smoldering Multiple Myeloma (SMM)

Hi David, Many thanks for your encouraging words and thoughts as a long-term MM survivor and cancer coach. Very meaningful. Kind regards, Rob

Paul- Multiple Myeloma Caregiver

Thank you so much, David, for your in-depth and positive response. This is all new to me and I am struggling to understand the technical speak in the links provided.
If you are also stating that the treatment offered is the most effective way forward for my partner then I will reassure her and myself will also be less anxious
Thank you, David, I hope you are well Many thanks, Paul

Jess- Caregiver- Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
God Bless you and your family for caring and sharing with complete strangers. I appreciate your honesty and your time. jess

 Don- Prostate Cancer
What do you recommend as a good curative diet?
Thank you so much for writing back. My appreciation of this correspondence means a great deal and give me hope. Thank you Dave. God bless!!

 Susan- Renal Cancer
Hi David, Bless you for providing this cancer coaching information, it is a God-send. I (62 y/o female) was diagnosed with Stage 4 Renal Cancer (l-kidney) in 2011.

 Klara- Thyroid Cancer

“Thank you very much for your quick and thorough answer. It helped me understand my situation better, and I was able to express my concerns to my family doc today clearly, and I also really appreciate your care and attention so far…Thank you and all the best.”

Carl- Adolescent and Young Adult Caregiver

David-Thanks so much for your time and insight. You are a good friend and resource. Thanks for the continued support.

Joanne-Breast Cancer stage 4

Dear David,

I am so GRATEFUL for your thoughtful response. I have not yet decided in terms of whether or not to pursue radiation.  Your information is very useful if I choose the radiation option.  Thank you. Joanne

Debbie- Breast Cancer

peoplebeatingcancer.org came up in one of my searches for information on what I was dealing with.

I found a wealth of knowledge that I was able to access, all of it important for me to know. I was also
able to ask questions and receive a timely response. It was very refreshing for me to find such a
positive response and website, it helped me feel that there were things I could be doing to make a
positive difference in my life. Thank you, Debbie.

Krista- Breast Cancer
 Thank you so much for your feedback and info you sent me! I really appreciate! This gives me some great things to think about and helps me feel more empowered and less like a victim. I will reread what you have sent and take some time to process. I’m sure I’ll have more questions!  Thank You! I’m very glad I reached out to you and grateful to you! Have a wonderful weekend! Krista

Jonathan- Colorectal Cancer
 Mr. David Emerson thanks a lot for your time answering these questions. I will put on march your advise and I will feedback to you. Is there is something that I can do to support your dedication to this work that you are doing, let me know what to do, I respectfully wish to you a proper and healthy life, God bless America and people like you! sincerely. Jonathan

Anita- Esophageal Cancer

I appreciate your site and responses to everyone and can only tell you that I want to be around for my grandchildren (13,8,3) for a while longer….my 3 y/o grandson would only know from pictures. So thank you for the information and the hope….I do know it’s not guaranteed but hope is a wonderful thing 

Abigail- Glioblastoma Multiform (GBM)

Great article and helpful information. Thank you for sharing with us. Thank you so much

Rob- Liver Cancer

David: You are so kind to offer this help. Please know that your time and energy in helping me will ALWAYS BE APPRECIATED!  I will go online and register with the folks at PBC.  On a lighter note,  I noticed your picture on the recumbent bike. Very cool. I have been researching them and will eventually get one. Your advice on that later. I think your involvement is great and I will go online to register and such.”