Turning Cancer Patients and Caregivers Into Informed Decision- Makers 


Hi, my name is David Emerson, and I have been living with an incurable cancer called Multiple Myeloma since 1994. I started PeopleBeatingCancer.org because I believe that there is a problem with cancer care today.  Cancer patients and caregivers are asked to make huge decisions about their health-- often while woefully uninformed, and under an extreme time crunch. How many of you are here because you were given 24 hours to approve your chemotherapy regimen? 

Let me be clear: knowledge is power. The more you know, the better decisions you'll make for your care.  Yes, I said YOU. You are in control. This website and the non-profit organization that supports it are dedicated to helping cancer survivors and caregivers become informed, educated decision-makers about their treatment. All information found on this site is evidence-based with the studies cited, and actionable-- you can get started using the protocols right away.


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