Turning Cancer Patients and Caregivers Into Informed Decision-Makers 


Hi, my name is David Emerson, and I have been living with an incurable cancer called Multiple Myeloma since 1994. I started PeopleBeatingCancer.org because I believe that there is a problem with cancer care today.  Cancer patients and caregivers are asked to make huge decisions about their health-- often woefully uninformed, and under an extreme time crunch! How many of you are here because you were given 24 hours to approve your chemotherapy regimen? Let me be clear: knowledge is power. The more you know, the better decisions you will make for your care.  Yes, I said YOU will make decisions for your care. You are in control. This website, and the non-profit that supports it, is dedicated to helping cancer survivors and caregivers become informed, educated decision-makers about their cancer care. All information found on this site is evidence-based with the studies cited, and actionable-- you can get started using the protocols right away.


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