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Multiple Myeloma an incurable disease, but I have spent the last 25 years in remission using a blend of conventional oncology and evidence-based nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle therapies from peer-reviewed studies that your oncologist probably hasn't told you about.

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Multiple Myeloma Chemotherapy- Kyprolis/Carfilzomib Heart Damage

Question-What is the rate of cardiovascular adverse events (CVAE) among patients receiving carfilzomib for multiple myeloma? Hi David I told you a few months ago that I was diagnosed with myeloma on 23rd

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Detoxification as Multiple Myeloma Therapy

Induced sweating (detoxification) appears to be a potential method for elimination of many toxic elements from the human body Hi David-  My dad is being tested for multiple myeloma and the initial blood

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“Serious Adverse Events” – Low-dose Revlimid Maintenance

Serious adverse events were reported in 494 (45%) of 1097 patients receiving lenalidomide compared with 150 (17%) of 874 patients on observation.  “Hi David- I was diagnosed with mm in sept. 2018

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Curcumin, Green Tea, Pomalidomide/Pomalyst?

Whether curcumin can overcome chemoresistance and enhance the activity of thalidomide and bortezomib, used to treat patients with MM Hi David I see that I wrote to you five years ago when I hadn’t had

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Arrhythmias (Afib) Caused by Stem Cell Transplants

“Our data suggest that arrhythmias after transplants are associated with significant morbidity and mortality. A prospective study of arrhythmia in the transplant setting is warranted…” You

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Fun Stem Cell Collection for Multiple Myeloma? Viagra? Wait, What???

Inexpensive, fewer side effects, more effective, easier, more fun- all benefits of harvesting stem cells for an autologous stem cell transplant using Viagra. According to James Berenson M.D., multiple

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Will the Multiple Myeloma Cancer Coaching Program Help Me?

Should we treat patients with myeloma with multidrug, multitransplant combinations with the goal of potentially curing a subset of patients, recognizing that the risk of adverse events and effect on quality

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Surviving Multiple Myeloma- Autologous Stem Cell Transplant-

The rate of grade 3 or 4 neutropenia was significantly higher in the transplantation group than in the RVD-alone group (92% vs. 47%), as were the rates of grade 3 or 4 gastrointestinal disorders (28% vs.

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Multiple Myeloma, Oral, Liposomal, Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy

A recent study published in Seminars in Preventive and Alternative Medicine that looked at over 100 studies over 10 years revealed a growing list of benefits of vit. C…” Because multiple myeloma

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Multiple Myeloma- 27 year Survival Story-

Macrobiotics has come to mean more than just a way of eating and includes increased emphasis on physical activity; minimized exposure to pesticides, other chemicals, and electromagnetic radiation; and

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