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Cervical Cancer- Hysterectomy?

If you are considering a hysterectomy, the study linked and excerpted below should communicate one simply concept. And that concept is that less is more. I’m not being critical of conventional medicine

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childhood cancer – covering the cost

Years of working with the parents of childhood cancer patients has taught me that the financial toxicity caused by a cancer diagnosis comes in many forms and is a side effect every bit as difficult as

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Insomnia- Acupuncture, Chamomile

Insomnia is a problem for the cancer patient. Sleep is like nutrition and hydration when you are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. You need a lot of it.  My point is that sleep difficulties are everywhere

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Revolutionary Treatments: How Immunotherapy is changing the Cancer Game?

Cancer is a disease that affects thousands of people every year. Its not just about the terrible symptoms and side effects; it also affects your body’s ability to fight infections and slows down

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Reducing Multi-drug Resistance- Myeloma

Multi-drug resistance (MDR) is the reason why all myeloma patients stop responding to conventional chemotherapy. To put it differently, eventually your MM will no longer respond to any form of chemotherapy. It’s

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Natural Anti-Aging Therapies

I begin all post about anti-aging therapies by explaining that I am a cancer survivor who has undergone aggressive chemotherapy and radiation. My goal is to reduce my risk of cancer relapse, reduce my

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Dysphagia – Pill Induced Esophageal Injury

Pill-induced Esophageal injury may present as erosions, kissing ulcers, and multiple small areas of ulceration with bleeding, mainly in the middle third of the esophagus. I never knew that pill-induced

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Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor- Hyperprogression, Death?

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Hyperprogression, Death?!? Cancer patients only hear about the dramatic success stories of fellow patients who respond remarkably well from ICI’s. But the research linked

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Myeloma Emerging Therapies-

“Myeloma emerging therapies?” It’s important for newly diagnosed myeloma patients to know that there are many new therapies that have recently been developed and are currently being developed.

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Breaking the Stigma: Talking About Cancer and Mental Health

Cancer is a disease that affects everyone, even those who don’t have it. When talking about cancer and mental health, we use the term “survivor” instead of “victim.” We encourage

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Supplementation- Sars-CoV-2 Virus?

When I write about nutritional supplementation reducing the risk of virus’ such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus I am doing so by completely excluding any/all discussion of vaccines. I say this because of

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Ototoxicity- Chemo-induced hearing loss

Ototoxicity or hearing loss that is caused by chemotherapy is yet another serious side effect that, according to the research linked below, is not well studied or monitored by conventional oncology. Once

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