What I wish I knew about Multiple Myeloma treatments 25 years later...

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Multiple Myeloma Chemos That Cause Kidney Damage

“In this review, we recognized that there are multiple ways novel anti- multiple myeloma therapies can affect renal function, cause kidney damage” Kidney damage is tricky for the multiple myeloma

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Multiple Myeloma, Dex, Glucocorticoids, Your Bone Health-

In (MM) patients receiving long-term therapy (dexamethasone), glucocorticoids induce fractures in 30 to 50% and osteonecrosis in 9 to 40%… You have multiple myeloma (MM). You take or have taken dexamethasone,

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4 Interesting Things About Nootropics

Nootropics or smart drugs are well-known compounds or supplements that enhance the cognitive performance. They work by increasing the mental function such as memory, creativity, motivation, and attention. What

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Myeloma CC- RVd Induction, CR, CIPN, Nerve Pain from Velcade – Therapies?

Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) seriously affects the quality of life of patients with multiple myeloma (MM) as well as the response rate to chemotherapy (RVd)- Hi David- I trust you

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“Oh no, I’m MRD-positive!,” What do MM patients do if they are Positive not Negative?

“In the (MM) patients who have been treated with or without transplant but achieve MRD-negative status and CR , when they looked at their survival curves, they were very comparable, not statistically

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Initial Signs of Male Cancer Facts and Considerations

You need to understand all the valued information as you can about male cancers and pass this on to everyone in a real-world technique. Usually talking, men are disreputable for disregarding their well-being

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“MRD is the Goal in Multiple Myeloma” Dr. Raphael Fonseca

“…at the time you start therapy, I think the aspiration should be for (MM) patients to get to MRD- status.”

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Organic Diet-Fewer Cancer Dx’s, Longer Cancer Survival

“In a study, those who ate more organic produce, dairy, meat and other products had 25 percent fewer cancer diagnoses over all, especially lymphoma and breast cancer.” It’s official.

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Medicare Covers MRD Test for Multiple Myeloma

The first and only test authorized by the FDA to detect and monitor minimal residual disease (MRD) in multiple myeloma (MM)…has received coverage for Medicare patients. I am a multiple myeloma survivor

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Familial Multiple Myeloma Survivor Increases Your Risk of MM

“The study published online today in Blood offers the first evidence that such familial risks exist across the spectrum of hematologic malignancies (MM).” Second only to “Why did I get

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