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Empower Your Return: Steps to Reclaim Your Career After Illness

Embarking on a journey back into the workforce to reclaim your career after battling a long-term illness may seem formidable yet it is entirely within reach with a structured approach. This guide offers

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MGUS and Autoimmune Disease

For as long as I can remember, there has been a relationship between MGUS and Autoimmune Disease. The study linked and excerpted below questions that relationship. I am a MM survivor and I communicate

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Childhood Cancer Survivors Late Effects?

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that many childhood cancer survivors don’t test for late effects. I say this because, as a long-term cancer survivor, the prospect of treatment-induced late

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Probiotics for Myeloma

I’ll go so far as to say that probiotics for myeloma patients and survivors is as important as any chemotherapy regimen. I say this because newly diagnosed myeloma (NDMM) patients these days can

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Breast Cancer Chemo Brain Donepezil

Breast cancer survivors who experience  chemo brain to not benefit from donepezil/aricept. Donepezil is a drug to treat Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). I’m no genius but I’m pretty sure that

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Cancer and Heart Failure

Cancer and heart failure…heart failure and cancer. One can cause the other and common cancer therapies can cause heart failure. So what’s a survivor of either/or/both cancer and heart failure

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Diet as Mind-Body Therapy

Diet as Mind-Body Therapy? Or diet to help heart health, reduce your risk of chronic disease and your risk of cancer. Eating nutritiously helps calm me as I stress out about myriad side effects, fear of

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Cannabinoids as Myeloma Therapy?

Cannabinoids as myeloma therapy? I, along with scores of fellow MM patients and survivors have been trying to answer that question for years now. Because medical marijuana aka cannabinoids is a controversial

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Hospital Sleep Stinks!

Hospital sleep stinks. That is to say, trying to get a decent night’s sleep is almost impossible in most hospitals. Ironically, sleep is central to the body’s ability to heal. As is nutrition

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Cisplatin-induced Kidney Damage in Myeloma

Cisplatin-induced kidney damage is a common side effect cancer patients undergoing cisplatin therapy.  For myeloma patients, the risk of kidney damage is greater because many NDMM patients present with

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Chemo brain Therapies-

According to the research linked below, yoga is an effective chemo brain therapy. I am a long-term cancer survivor myself who has grappled with chemo brain (chemotherapy-induced cognitive dysfunction)

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Myeloma MRD Post Induction?

Can newly diagnosed myeloma reach MRD post induction therapy without also having an autologous stem sell transplant and achieve longer progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS)? According

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