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Radiation Dermatitis- Short, Long-term Damage

“Radiation dermatitis is one of the side effects of cancer treatment radiotherapy that people experience most often. Also known as radiodermatitis, it happens when radiation therapy damages

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Multiple Myeloma – Symptoms

Multiple Myeloma- First Signs and Symptoms as well as the symptoms you may experience when you relapse- Multiple Myeloma is often misdiagnosed or completely overlooked. It is common to live with multiple

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Relapsed Non-Secretory Multiple Myeloma-

“In contrast, monitoring non-secretory multiple myeloma  (NSMM) relies far more heavily on PET/CT scans and frequent bone marrow sampling…” Hi David- I hope you are well. I took your

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Multiple Myeloma Staging- CTC

“Evaluation of CTCs in PB outperformed quantification of BM PCs. The detection of ≥ 0.01% CTCs could be a new risk factor in novel multiple myeloma staging systems for patients with transplant-eligible

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Breast Cancer- Cruciferous Veggies Reduce Relapse

…cruciferous vegetable intake during the first 36 months after diagnosis was associated with a reduced risk for total mortality, breast cancer specific mortality, and recurrence…. A diagnosis

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Primary Cervical Cancer-Secondary Cancer

“…a small subset of women who developed Primary Cervical Cancers (PCC) will develop second malignancies after their initial diagnosis. Little is known about these women.” The study linked

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Endometriosis Therapy

“The results of this clinical trial show that administration of antioxidants reduces chronic pelvic pain in women with endometriosis (endo) and inflammatory markers in the peritoneal fluid…” Endometriosis

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Multiple Myeloma, Gut Microbiome-

“An emerging factor that could influence not only the refractoriness of Multiple Myeloma but also a progression from asymptomatic MGUS to MM is the gut microbiome.” First came conventional

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Multiple Myeloma Stage 1- Bone Health?

Do you know if you rib is a single bone plasmacytoma and not full MM? I ask only because a SBP is pre-MM like MGUS and SMM. I will link a post about SBP below. Hello David.  I am a otherwise healthy

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Antiangiogenesis- Angio sarcomas

studies have demonstrated that inhibition of angiogenic pathways or disruption of established vasculature can attenuate the growth of sarcomas Angio sarcomas are a rare and not-well studied cancer. As

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