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Learn how you can manage and alleviate your current side effects while actively working to prevent a relapse or secondary cancer using evidence-based, non-toxic therapies.

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Natural Anti-Aging Therapies

I begin all post about anti-aging therapies by explaining that I am a cancer survivor who has undergone aggressive chemotherapy and radiation. My goal is to reduce my risk of cancer relapse, reduce my

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Dysphagia – Pill Induced Esophageal Injury

Pill-induced Esophageal injury may present as erosions, kissing ulcers, and multiple small areas of ulceration with bleeding, mainly in the middle third of the esophagus. I never knew that pill-induced

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Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor- Hyperprogression, Death?

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Hyperprogression, Death?!? Cancer patients only hear about the dramatic success stories of fellow patients who respond remarkably well from ICI’s. But the research linked

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Breaking the Stigma: Talking About Cancer and Mental Health

Cancer is a disease that affects everyone, even those who don’t have it. When talking about cancer and mental health, we use the term “survivor” instead of “victim.” We encourage

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Ototoxicity- Chemo-induced hearing loss

Ototoxicity or hearing loss that is caused by chemotherapy is yet another serious side effect that, according to the research linked below, is not well studied or monitored by conventional oncology. Once

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Radiation Side Effects- Xerostomia, Mucositis, etc.

Caught between a rock and a hard place. Radiation side effects result from therapy that may be curative or simply buy you more time. What is the head and neck cancer (H&N) survivor to do? Anticipate,

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Foods that Fight Anemia

You’ve been bone-tired for months and you don’t know why. You are diagnosed with a blood cancer called multiple myeloma and your oncologist tells you that you have anemia. Now you are depressed

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Cancer Side Effects “On the Rise!?”

Cancer side effects are on the rise. First, the population is aging in the United State. Older people means more cancer diagnoses. Second, cancer is being diagnosed earlier. Diagnostic testing such as

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SPPADE = Inflammation

If you are a cancer survivor, I’m guessing that  you are familiar with SPPADE side effects. Most of us are. According to the research linked below, most cancer survivors live with some or all of

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Chronic Pain among Cancer Survivors

Living in chronic pain is a fate worse than death in my experience. I say this because as a long-term cancer survivor, I suffer from chronic pain off and on depending on the source, the type, etc. In my

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Black Cancer Survivors- Chemo Heart Failure

Black cancer survivors develop chemotherapy-induced cardiomyopathy (CIC) much more often than other cancer survivors according to the study linked and excerpted below. If you are African-American and are

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Sperm DNA Damage & Fatherhood

There’s DNA damage and sperm DNA damage. While all systemic side effects are important including: Inflammation (read more 1)  premature aging, senescence (read more 2)  DNA damage, (read more

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