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Glioblastoma- Novel Vaccine Dramatically Boosts Survival

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After undergoing surgical resection and standard treatment for their brain cancer (GBM) half the patients treated with the experimental vaccine in a small phase 1 study survived more than 5 years

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The remarkable thing about the articles linked below is certainly not that they talk about overall survival increasing from months to a few years. What’s remarkable is the cancer at the center of the articles is gliobastoma multiform (GBM).

A little discussed fact in conventional oncology for the past generation is that toxic therapies for GBM like chemo and radiation don’t extend overall survival. Further, these therapies can leave the patient with awful permanent collateral damage.

But the two therapies for GBM below are different. The trials are early and groups of patients being tested are small. But this is an important beginning for future GBM patients.

The fact is glioblastoma multiform is an incredibly complicated cancer. Therapies, both conventional (FDA approved) and non-conventional are changing daily.

I am both a cancer survivor and cancer coach. I can help.

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Novel Vaccine Dramatically Boosts Survival in Glioblastoma

“A novel therapy has extended survival in glioblastoma patients far beyond the current median. After undergoing surgical resection and standard treatment, half the patients treated with the experimental vaccine in a small phase 1 study survived more than 5 years.

The usual median survival in such patients is around 15 months, but in this study, 7 of the 16 participants are still alive, with survival ranging from 60.7 to 82.7 months after diagnosis…

However, a question remains: “Is this just a statistical fluke, or is the mechanism of action of this vaccine really providing such a robust increase in survival?”

The 16 study patients had undergone surgical resection and standard follow-up therapy with concurrent temozolomide and radiation. Only 4 patients did not undergo complete resection...

Tetanus Shot Helps Brain Cancer Patients Live Five Times Longer

“Research published today in the journal Nature concludes a tetanus booster given before immunotherapy treatment can significantly extend the lives of people with brain tumors…

Immunotherapy works well for treating cancer, but the researchers wondered whether the immune system could fight back even harder if they first primed it with a tetanus shot…”


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