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Multiple Myeloma Therapy- Exercise Before, During, After treatment

Cancer patients who’ve been told to rest and avoid exercise can – and should – find ways to be physically active both during and after treatment, according to new national guidelines...

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Curcumin, Aromatase Inhibitor Sensitivity, Breast Cancer

“curcumin reverses chemo-resistance and sensitizes cancer cells to chemotherapy and targeted therapy in breast cancer” Aromatase Inhibitors (Tamoxifen,¬†anastrozole, exemestane and letrozole

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Cryotherapy for Lung Cancer Mets to the Lung

Lung Cancer Patients May Need Effective Therapies to Manage their Lung Cancer if it Metastasizes (spreads) Lung cancer is one of the most aggressive cancers and depending on the stage at diagnosis, can

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Colorectal Cancer Non-Conventional Therapies-

Colorectal cancer has been shown to respond to many antioxidant supplements before, during and after diagnosis. Depending on your age, stage at diagnosis and your prognosis and therapy plan nutrition,

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Prostate Cancer Therapy-Modified Citrus Pectin

This week brought a major advance in understanding the effects of modified citrus pectin (MCP) on cancer cells. Scientists at Columbia University published a paper showing that MCP stops the growth of

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Lung Cancer and CT Scans-Are they worth it?

“There was 354 lung cancer deaths among those who received CT scans and 442 among those who got X-rays.” I will be honest. I read studies all the time that indicate that early screening for

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Proton-beam therapy-No benefit over radiation in Prostate Cancer

“In a finding likely to add fuel to the debate over treatments for prostate cancer, proton-beam therapy provided no long-term benefit over traditional radiation despite far higher costs…” You’ve

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Evidence-based Non-Conventional Pancreatic Cancer Therapy

“Triterpenes from P.¬†cocos demonstrate anticancer and anti-invasive effects on human pancreatic cancer cells and can be considered as new therapeutic agents- Pancreatic cancer (PC) is an aggressive

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Pancreatic Cancer- Complementary Therapies

Conventional Oncology has Little to Offer the Pancreatic Cancer Patient Beyond Ineffective Chemotherapy Regimens that Cause Short, Long-term and late Stage Side Effects- My guess is that if you are reading

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