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Antineoplaston Therapy & Cancer

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I was diagnosed with an incurable blood cancer called multiple myeloma in 1/94. I underwent surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and an autologous stem cell transplant from 1/94-9/97. I was told I was end-stage in 9/97. I underwent Antineoplaston Therapy (ANP) from 11/97-4/99.

I went from end-stage myeloma to complete remission in that time. I have been in CR ever since. I don’t use the word “cure” because I have to die of something else to use that word accurately.

I write about ANP when I come across an article that illustrates an issue that I think cancer patients should understand. This may be an article about:

  • my cancer, multiple myeloma,
  • an article about pediatric cancers,
  • an article about the FDA, or other issues.

To be fair, ANP and the Burzynski Research Institute (BRI)  in Houston, Tx. present many complicated issues for the newly diagnosed cancer patient to try to wrap their brains around. It is not simply about Burzynski finding a silver bullet cure for cancer.

I’ve linked and excerpted the article below because the author, Gavin Phillips, did a good job of discussing those issues that I think each and every cancer patient should understand about ANP and conventional oncology.

  • What is ANP? How does ANP work?
  • How is ANP administered?
  • Will my health insurance company pay for ANP?
  • Is conventional oncology interested or curious about ANP?
  • Is the mainstream media interested in ANP?
  • What is it like for pediatric brain cancer patients to undergo conventional treatments?
  • What do conventional oncologist say about ANP?
  • What is the FDA’s position in all this?
  • What about the NCI aka the National Cancer Institute’s actions?
  • How about cancer charities such as the American Cancer Society (ACS)?

When I write about ANP I try to stick to my own example, my own cancer experience.

In fact, conventional therapies did little for me other than cause dozens of short, long-term and late stage side effects. Many that I struggle with to this day. And ANP put me in complete remission where I remain to this day.

man hand holding his nutritional supplemets, healthy lifestyle background.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer it is in your best to familiarize yourself with the basics of both conventional therapies as well as complementary therapies such as nutrition, supplementation, etc. and antineoplaston therapy.

To learn more about the issues involved with antineoplaston therapy and cancer, read the posts linked below-

If y0u have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me at David.PeopleBeatingCancer@gmail.com. 

Hang in there,

David Emerson

  • Cancer Survivor
  • Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

Curing Incurable Brain Tumors

“The Morenos started researching brain tumors, and this is what led them to Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D. and PhD in biochemistry, based out of Houston. Burzynski was treating cancer with a therapy called Antineoplastons (ANP). ANP is a natural treatment that has some excellent results for helping children with brain tumors. It also has few side effects, all minor and short-term, and is totally different from chemotherapy and radiation…

To give a brief definition of what ANP is and how it works, antineoplastons are peptides and amino-acid derivatives in the blood that were discovered by Dr. Burzynski. Cancer patients are deficient in ANP, which provides a defense against cancer by switching off the expression of mutated genes that are causing the cancer…

While at the clinic, Tori had a chest catheter fitted, and Roman was trained on how to change the bags of medicine that were filled with ANP. Roman took Tori back to California, and she was on ANP 24/7. Roman told me that the only side effect of ANP was extra urination, so they changed Tori’s diapers more often…

Roman said he had to fight very hard to get his insurance to pay for the treatment. It was only when he hired a prominent California attorney and threatened to sue the insurance company for many millions of dollars that they agreed to pay up…

You would think that pediatric doctors and cancer doctors would be beating a path to the Morenos’ door to find out how Tori was cured, but there has been little interest. Roman told me that Tori’s own pediatrician, Dr. Albert Lee, “was thrilled”that she was cured. He added that the late Dr. Epstein, “was objectively thrilled” about Tori’s recovery as he was certain she would not survive…

I asked Roman whether there was any interest from the mainstream media. He said he invited the media to Tori’s high-school graduation. “Tori was not scheduled to see her first birthday. When she became a senior in HS, I thought it would be fair for Dr. Burzynski to get some more media attention [and] try to provoke some more interest in the Antineoplastons. So, I did invite the media to her graduation and a local channel did show up and broadcast that,” said Roman.But that has been the extent of any interest from doctors or the media…

But the side effects of those “treatments” were appalling. Ric Schiff documents how the chemotherapy and radiation treatments affected Crystin. “Over the next 6 months, we literally tortured our little girl. Crystin’s urine burned her from the poisons, and we had to use rubber gloves to change her diapers. She threw up constantly and lost weight rapidly.… Every little cold was life-threatening” due to the treatments seriously compromising her immune system.

The Schiffs started researching brain tumors and found Dr. Burzynski. Ric said that although the doctors at UCSF made negative comments about Dr. Burzynski…

Since 1992, a large part of the FDA has been funded by the pharmaceutical companies it is supposed to regulate. As Michael White writes, “Today, close to 45% of its budget comes from these user fees that companies pay when they apply for approval of a medical device or drug…”

The FDA has spent millions of taxpayer dollars in court cases trying to put Dr. Burzynski in prison when they knew perfectly well that his treatment works for a lot of cancer patients who suffer from brain tumors

The NCI’s budget is more than $7 billion, and a large portion of that is supposed to fund promising cancer treatments. They have never given Dr. Burzynski a penny in funding over the last 40 years. Massive cancer charities such as the American Cancer Society and Cancer Research UK collect tens of millions every year, and a portion goes into funding new treatments. They have also never given Burzynski any funding or assistance…







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