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How to Prevent Serious Infections 

Preventing serious infections is something that you should make a conscious effort to do as treating it once contracted can be hard… The goal should be to be as healthy as possible and avoid serious

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Curcumin- Bronchial Asthma

The results showed that curcumin capsules help in improving the airway obstruction (Bronchial Asthma) which was evident by significant improvement in the mean… I am a long-term cancer survivor of

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Life as a Caregiving Youth

“The American Association of Caregiving Youth aims mainly to make sure that caregiving students don’t drop out of school…” Life as a caregiving youth for me feels pretty normal.

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MGUS-“Comparatively Lower Life Expectancy?”

MGUS stands for monoclonal gammopathy of undermined significance. MGUS is not cancer. It is a pre-Multiple Myeloma (MM) asymptomatic blood disorder. MGUS at a glance- click the illustration below: Symptoms- Bone

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Curcumin- Cirrhosis of the Liver

“Curcumin also partially reversed the fibrosis induced by CCl(4). Curcumin was effective in preventing and reversing cirrhosis, probably by its ability of reducing TGF-beta expression.” Writing

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Cisplatin induced hearing loss and prevention therapy.

“CONCLUSION: These preliminary findings confirm the neuroprotective properties of vitamin E against the Cisplatin-induced hearing loss (ototoxicity)….” Cisplatin chemotherapy causes many

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Caregiver for Aging Parent? Consider Home-based Jobs

However, before we start discussing the home-based jobs that you can do while taking care of your aging parent, let’s look at some of the challenges you face when doing it. The responsibility of caring

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When is back pain not back pain?

Pretty much every person experiences back pain at some point in their life. It’s part and parcel of getting old and so when it comes on, we tend to either just ignore it and carry on with the rigors

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Brain Training, Lifestyle Therapies Effectively Combat Dementia

“…with researchers finding that the group who received the computerized training had a 29 percent lower incidence of dementia…” It’s not rocket science. Brain training, frequent

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5 Of The Highest Paying Medical Positions In 2018

“All these medical positions require a lot of study and training. However, the money can make it all worth it. Remember, if you want to earn six figures, then you going to have to put in a lot of

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Colorectal cancer: Is “RAS” important?

“When selecting the type of treatment required by the patient with advanced disease, the oncologist will ask the laboratory to determine if there is such an alteration or not of RAS to make a decision.” Colorectal

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Early Prostate Cancer? Know Your Options-

Active Surveillance IS Treatment for Early Prostate Cancer Prostate cancer (PCa) is the most prevalent cancer diagnosis annually among men. The majority of PCa diagnoses are indolent or early stage diagnoses.

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