What I wish I knew about Multiple Myeloma treatments 25 years later...

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Multiple Myeloma-Curing Cancer Shouldn’t Always be the Goal

Cancer Coaching-“Sometimes patients and their doctors can manage cancer (MM) so successfully that it may seem to go away. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. And it could still go rogue at any time…” Please

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Multiple Myeloma Chemotherapy Side Effect-Anemia

“Causes of anemia-Chemotherapy damages bone marrow. But this is usually temporary, and anemia usually improves a few months after chemotherapy ends..” Anemia can either be a symptom of multiple

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Most New Multiple Myeloma Drugs Don’t Improve Overall Survival or QOL

MM patients showed improved survival over the study period, with the 2-year survival gap between MM patients and matched controls decreasing at a rate of 3% per year. Think about it. Many multiple myeloma

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40% of Seniors Experience A-fib- Reduce Risk of Stroke W/ Non-Toxic Therapy

“By 30 months, 40 percent of patients were determined to have suffered at least one episode of this type of abnormal rhythm (A-fib)…” If you take away only two pieces of information from

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Multiple Myeloma Patients can Manage Depression w/ Non-Toxic Therapy

“Depression was found in 40 percent of the (multiple myeloma) patients, and 3 out of 4 of those patients were never diagnosed or treated for it, researchers found…” It shouldn’t

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AHCC Cured My HPV infections and Cervical Cancer?

The primary objective of this research was to evaluate AHCC supplementation to modulation of the host immune system to clear HR-HPV infections Dear Cancer Coach- After reading your blog post about the

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Is Atrial Fibrillation Giving Me Dementia!?

Atrial fibrillation (AF) in patients without stroke is independently associated with cognitive decline, according to study results published in the European Journal of Neurology I developed chemo-induced

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Multiple Myeloma Cancer Coaching- Sex after Kyphoplasty???

“The incidence of recurrent fracture after kyphoplasty (for MM spine involvment) is substantial at 10% within the first 90 days.  Hi Cancer Coach- My 37 year old daughter was diagnosed with Multiple

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Multiple Myeloma Cancer Coaching-5 yr. Remission, 2 SCT, Lots of Chemo-Whats Next?

If you have exhausted all conventional MM therapies, consider cancer coaching and evidence-based, non-conventional MM therapies Hi David- My mother has had multiple myloma for a while now, she went into

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Healing the Chemobrain of the long-term Multiple Myeloma Survivor

“…only two of those had multiple studies, including at least one study of high quality–BrainHQ and Cognifit. And of those, just one had multiple high-quality studies: Mahncke’s BrainHQ” Post-chemotherapy

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