What I wish I knew about Multiple Myeloma treatments 25 years later...

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Gut Health Leads Multiple Myeloma to MRD- Status

“We observed a higher relative abundance of Eubacterium hallii in the 16 MRD- (MM) patients relative to the 18 MRD+ (MM) patients.” According to the study linked below, probiotics may become

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Multiple Myeloma- Reduce Revlimid Cost with Integrative Therapies

The drugmaker (Celgene) hauled in nearly $7 billion around the world last year with the med that treats multiple myeloma…Celgene has raised the price of Revlimid three times, taking the drug’s

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Most New Multiple Myeloma Drugs Don’t Improve Overall Survival or QOL

MM patients showed improved survival over the study period, with the 2-year survival gap between MM patients and matched controls decreasing at a rate of 3% per year. Think about it. Many multiple myeloma

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Multiple Myeloma Cancer Coaching- Sex after Kyphoplasty???

“The incidence of recurrent fracture after kyphoplasty (for MM spine involvment) is substantial at 10% within the first 90 days.  Hi Cancer Coach- My 37 year old daughter was diagnosed with Multiple

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Multiple Myeloma Cancer Coaching-5 yr. Remission, 2 SCT, Lots of Chemo-Whats Next?

If you have exhausted all conventional MM therapies, consider cancer coaching and evidence-based, non-conventional MM therapies Hi David- My mother has had multiple myloma for a while now, she went into

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Multiple Myeloma-Fighting/War Metaphors are Wrong for Cancer Patients.

As both a Multiple Myeloma Survivor and MM Cancer Coach I can tell you that I don’t believe in fighting/war metaphors for cancer patients and survivors. Multiple myeloma requires thinking, understanding. When

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Pre-Myeloma, Frank Myeloma, Induction Chemo, Complete Response- What’s Next?

“These results showed that Cannabidiol by itself or in synergy with BORT (velcade) strongly inhibited growth, arrested cell cycle progression and induced Multiple Myeloma cell death Hi Dave, I am

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Immunotherapy, Antibiotics and Cancer

“They (oncologists) have some of the first evidence that in some of the newest therapies, the effect of antibiotics is definitely mixed. Infections are typically the biggest complication of chemotherapy,

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Antioxidants During Multiple MyelomaTreatment- Yes or No?

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Multiple Myeloma Chemotherapy Kills (SAE/FAE)

“They found that 14 drug trial reports did not include data on SAE s, 22 presented no data on serious events, and two presented no data on deaths (FAE) …” But don’t expect your

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