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Relapse, Mastectomy, Chemo, Radiation?

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Dear Cancer Coach- My Breast Cancer (BC) specifics are below. Dr’s say if I don’t get double mastectomy chemo and radiation I will die. Tumor bleeds alot with pain killers with codeine.

mature woman getting lymphedema therapy.

My left arm has lymphadema, it is painful and swollen.  Dr’s say if I don’t get double mastectomy chemo and radiation I will die.  Basically they say I am terminal.  Tumor bleeds alot with pain killers with codine.

  •  I am 58
  • I was diagnosed in 2004 w/ stage three cancer
  • I had a lumpectomy in 2005.  No chemo no radiation.
  • I was fine until 2011.
  • I was again diagnosed with a small tumor on same breast stage 3.

This time the surgeon said unless I have double mastectomy for my breast cancer and chemo with radiation he won’t touch me.  I live in a small town.  I had second opinion from a colleague.   He agreed with first surgeon.  

I decided to look for natural options. Since 2011.  My overall health is really good.  I had a check up with gen. Dr.  He was amazed @how good I look,but lymphadema is my biggest pain and suffering.   Is cottage cheese and flaxse seed oil as good as people say for pain and swelling?

Help please♡


Hi Lisa-

You have done well to live with stage 3 Breast Cancer from ’04-’11 with no relapse or side effects. . The real question you must answer is if your BC has spread beyond your tumor. Did you have a sentinel node biopsy?
Also, if your Breast Cancer  has spread beyond your tumor site you should consider chemotherapy. However I would encourage you to also undergo evidence-based, integrative therapies to increase the efficacy of the chemo while reducing it’s toxicity. An example would be curcumin and paclitaxel. 
Cottage cheese and flax oil is referred to as the Budwig protocol. Yes, is can be a good complimentary or lifestyle/nutritional therapy.
I am a cancer survivor and cancer coach. I have learned through personal experience and research that patients with advanced and/or difficult cancers much employ conventional as well as evidence-based, non-conventional therapies.
Let me know if you have had a biopsy of your lymph nodes.
David Emerson
  • Cancer Survivor
  • Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

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