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Articles That Discuss pediatric cancer

Drug Errors- Pediatric Cancer

Fully 47% of pediatric cancer patients were exposed to at least one medication error based on medical records, bottle checks, and direct observation by visiting nurses I was diagnosed with a blood cancer

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Pediatric ALL-Increased Survival- Lifetime of Pain

“Today, largely because of chemotherapy as well as some other treatments, like stem cell transplants, (for acute lymphoblastic leukemia) survival rates have soared in the West” According to

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Whole Brain Radiation – Pediatric Chemobrain?

Treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) has included the use of prophylactic cranial irradiation in up to 20% of children with high-risk disease despite known cognitive risks of this treatment

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Pediatric Head & Neck Cancer- Mucositis

The area’s sensitivity (pediatric head and neck cancer) also means the effects of treatment can lower patient quality of life due to symptoms including loss of appetite, difficulty swallowing, or

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AYA Late Effects- Painful, Expensive-

“A substantial proportion of adult survivors of (AYA cancer survivors) experienced financial hardship. Vulnerable sociodemographic status and late effects were associated with hardship.” The

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Pediatric, AYA Survivors “Cure is NOT Enough”

For pediatric and AYA cancer survivors, a cure is not enough. I’ve never said the phrase A Cure Is Not Enough out loud. It sounds like the title of some sort of weird movie. I feel selfish for

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Pediatric/AYA Psychological Side Effects

“The results revealed a higher relative risk of psychiatric hospital contact among survivors compared with siblings and matched individuals, and the risk remained elevated in survivors at 50 years

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Can Pediatric/AYA Cancer Late-Stage Side-Effects be prevented?

“”Cure is no longer a sufficient goal in pediatric cancer care,” the researchers wrote. “As the vast majority of these patients survive, attention must be paid to their long-term

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Pediatric Cancer- Late Side Effects-

Aggressive Therapies for Pediatric Cancer Will Result in Long-term and Late Stage Side Effects-  Pediatric oncology has come along way in improving the survival of pediatric cancer patients. Many cancers

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Pediatric Cancer- Nutritional, Herbal

Pediatric Cancer patients endure greater toxicity achieving cures though these patients may experience greater health challenges later in life Pediatric Cancer management is more difficult than adult cancer

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Pediatric Cancer-Cranial Irradiation, Stroke

“The incidence of neurovascular events in this population is 100-fold higher than in the general pediatric population and cranial irradiation is an important risk factor” I’m going to

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Four Adolescent Young Adult Cancer Issues

Four?! Only four cancer issues? I didn’t say only 4, I’m saying these are the 4 most important cancer issues to an adolescent and young adult cancer patient. Looking back over my cancer experiences

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